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CCCApply 2010 Annual Updates

CCCApply User Workshops 2010. CCCApply 2010 Annual Updates. Rev. 1a. March 2010. Over 50 change requests submitted Number and complexity similar to last year Over half of submitted requests approved by Steering Committee A few deferred/declined by Xap

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CCCApply 2010 Annual Updates

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  1. CCCApply User Workshops 2010 CCCApply2010 Annual Updates Rev. 1a March 2010

  2. Over 50 change requests submitted Number and complexity similar to last year Over half of submitted requests approved by Steering Committee A few deferred/declined by Xap 75-page specification submitted to Xap in November On CCCApply Project Center website, cccapplyproject.org/ Updates live on March 30 Some changes implemented earlier Overview of 2010 Updates

  3. Meet new requirements Adjust Residency algorithm and flags Enhance CCCApply-en-Español Update BOGFW Application Generally improve consistency, accuracy, and ease of use Mostly text and layout Some minor operational changes Focus of 2010 Updates

  4. New Requirements • Corrected Ethnicity & Race questions • 2009 layout did not meet IPEDS guidelines • AB 669: Residency for Foster Youth • Will be discussed in Residency section • Perjury warning for Residency pages • Chancellor’s Office initiative to deal with Residency fraud • New visa types

  5. Changes to Ethnicity & Race • 2009 version incorrectly mixed ethnicity and race checkboxes • Four Hispanic ethnicity checkboxes • Sixteen checkboxes in five race categories • No changes to data or downloads • Same options, just rearranged • Definitions added to clarify options • Standard and International Apps

  6. New Ethnicity & Race Section 2009 2010

  7. Perjury Warnings • Worded to emphasize seriousness of false information about residency • Top of Residency 1 and Residency 2 • Meets CCCCO recommendation

  8. Removed ‘intent’ question Confusing to applicants SAAM does not indicate that applicant’s statement is acceptable evidence of intent Evidence of intent is needed only for those in CA for over 1 but less than 2 years (2 years = intent) Had been asked of all applicants; if ‘No’, ‘stay and intent’ criteria could not be met Residency Adjustments

  9. New question for Foster Youth Meets AB 669 requirement to grant residency to previous or current foster youth under 20 and now living in California On Residency 2, before contra-indicator section Asked only if applicant is under 20 If ‘Yes’: Residency Status 2, new integrity flag (70) Residency Adjustments cont’d

  10. Residency Status 2 if: Out-of-state current or mailing address Under 19 and last high school was out-of-state Enrolled in out-of-state college within the last year Residency 1 status now means there are no inconsistent or contra-indicating answers for ‘stay-and-intent’ Residency Adjustments cont’d

  11. Year field for contra-indicator questions Helps colleges weigh the Yes response Error-checked for within 2 years Residency Adjustments cont’d

  12. Toggled English/Spanish for Notice to Applicants on Introduction page New menu option with same functionality asEnglish Notice Enhancing Spanish Application

  13. New pop-up warning about loss of unsaved entries if language is toggled Xap architecture does not allow us to change this behavior, so warning was best option Pop-up occurs whenever language is toggled Enhancing Spanish App cont’d

  14. Enhancing Spanish App cont’d • Made Spanish link more prominent on Home Page • From ‘CCAApply en español’ to ‘En Español’ • Larger font

  15. Steering Committee requested separate English and Spanish lists of terms and majors that would toggle Xap declined; architecture does not support this option Colleges can: Use English only for terms and majors, or … Include Spanish in parentheses as part of term and major names Spanish Terms and Majors

  16. Dependency algorithm corrected All applicants who respond that “Parent(s) will not file” a tax return are considered to be dependent Was ANDed with ‘live with parents’; now ORed Method B (income) always required Previously, those who qualified by Method A did not have to enter income data 2010-2011 version from CCCCO New income table; minor wording changes Changes to BOGFW App

  17. Some reservists had difficulty choosing correct Military Status New option added to drop-down menu ‘Currently in Reserves or National Guard (non-active)’ New wording for two other options ‘Veteran (active or reserve) discharged within the last year’ ‘Veteran (active or reserve) discharged over a year ago’ Military Status for Reserves

  18. Previously, concurrent HS & college students could not enter previous college attendance This is now allowed, but CCCApply prompts for confirmation Revised Error Check

  19. Account Creation • ‘Suffix’ field added for name in Account Creation • Consistent with name fields in application • Some users included suffixes in last name • Error message that password must be re-entered if there are other errors • Xap cannot retain password responses

  20. Switched ‘help’ & ‘staff’ on website ‘Help’ now a main tab for greater prominence Restored Xap email address for student support Made Help More Accessible

  21. Removed year from Introduction and My Applications pages Unnecessary; easy to forget to update Removed ‘(optional)’ from section heads on Needs & Interests page Unnecessary; encouraged non-responses Made text on all logon pages consistent Links from colleges differed from general logon General Improvements

  22. Removed Application Instructions from Introduction page Some colleges do not want to receive transcripts Other instructions unnecessary General Improvements cont’d

  23. Removed unnecessary prompt in Parent/Guardian section Section does not appear unless applicant is under 19 and not married or otherwise emancipated General Improvements cont’d

  24. Clarified FAQ regarding admission Previously: ‘Admission to a California community college is open to any California resident possessing a high school diploma or equivalent.’ Now: ‘California community colleges are required to admit any California resident possessing a high school diploma or equivalent.’ Some content editable by CCC team Directory of Colleges FAQ (soon) General Improvements cont’d

  25. Two new questions tentatively approved Implementation date TBD Parent/Guardian Ed Level

  26. Athletic survey for Title IX No consensus about how to implement Recommend using Supplemental Questions ‘Other’ option for Gender Committee will wait for MIS to implement PINs on Supplemental page More information about requirements needed VTEA migrant worker status Advised by CCCCO that it would not be appropriate to add to application Deferred or Declined

  27. Deferred or Declined cont’d • Various requests to modify Ethnicity and Race questions • IPEDS and CCCCO set requirements for these questions • Cannot modify most wording • Cannot add or remove checkboxes • Cannot require or error-check any responses • See CCCApply 2010 Annual Updates Specifications for others

  28. Updates for new legislation and other requirements Significant changes to Residency algorithm Continued enhancement of Spanish application Various ‘tweaks’ to improve clarity, accuracy, and ease of use Summary of 2010 Updates

  29. For More Information • Complete specification of 2010 Updates on CCCApply Project Center website • Explanation for each change request • Complete specification for each approved and implemented request • Reason for each deferred or declined request • Project Center: cccapplyproject.org

  30. Thank youfor attending!

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