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Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal Communication. Group members. Kwan Hei Man, Stephanie 08640718 Tam Shun Hei , Enrica 08642346 Fan Po Man, More Wong Cheuk Hin , Hin 07657269 Chan Po Yan, Mandy 08644519. Interviewee. Name: Simon Lee

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group members
Group members

Kwan Hei Man, Stephanie 08640718

Tam Shun Hei, Enrica 08642346

Fan Po Man, More

Wong CheukHin, Hin 07657269

Chan Po Yan, Mandy 08644519


Name: Simon Lee

Position: Registered Nurse ()

Job Description:

Take care and nursing mentally ill person that have offended the law

four cases
Four Cases

Case one: Vietnamese & Male nurse

Case two: Underworld member & Male nurse

Case three: Village teenager & Male nurse

Case four:

case one

Case one

Vietnamese & Male nurse

  • Place:

Castle Peak Hospital

  • Patent Background:

Mental illness patent (include hallucinosis,he always see a accompanier)

communication skills
Communication Skills
  • The nurse started a conversation, he had not scold the patient and still take pains to understand what happen with patient.
  • The nurse maintained a conversation focus on the situation he is in
communication skills1
Communication Skills

The nurse found out the ‘hot button’ of the patient it can create patent enthusiasm and continue to talk

The nurse uses a nonverbal communication with patient.

The P-A-C Model

The nurse uses a power in interpersonal relationships.

case two

Case Two

Underworld member & Male nurse


A person abused drugs in the street and his emotion was out of control. Then he met the police and get into the trouble

Abusing drugs for a long time make him get the mental disorder, so the police transfer him to the Castle Peak Hospital

  • Focus on the communication skill between the nurse and the patient
  • “Actually I understand what you feel. No one wants to come here for the treatment. This arrangement is just care about you. If you consider my opinion, the doctor may let you go as soon as possible.”
  • Empathic listening
  • Focus on the positive thing
  • “I know you are afraid that it is the strange place.”
  • Transfer the problem to the situation
  • Adult self
  • Provide the choices
  • Both needs are satisfied
  • “I am scaring, can I leave now?”
  • “why do you want to leave?”
  • “you will not xxx understand me!”
  • “You don’t xxx tell me, how can I xxx know?”
  • Child self
  • Different & Communication Gap
  • Converts to the same channel to communicate
  • Hot button
  • Hallucination

Building trust

Touch his shoulder

Keeping soft eye contact

case three

Case Three

Village teenager & Male nurse

b ackground
  • Corybantic disease
  • Mother was imbecile
  • Each people were not like them in village
  • Fight the teenager
  • Sent to the Tsing Shan hospital
  • Cool down
communication skill
Communication skill
  • The P-A-C Model
  • Breakdown their communication
  • Cross transaction
  • Child self to Adult self
  • Adult self to Adult self
  • Satisfied
  • Because of the teenager’s mind
  • The process of becoming aware of, interpreting and evaluating people
  • Halo effect
conversation ways
Conversation ways
  • Like an adult normally
  • Focus on the positive things
  • Try to avoid the negative thinking
  • Be objective listening
  • Be more logical