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Drivers and trends

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Drivers and trends. Drivers and trends: Definitions. Drivers : the social, demographic technological, economic, environmental and political developments in societies Trend : the general direction in which something tends to move

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drivers and trends definitions
Drivers and trends:Definitions

Drivers: the social, demographic technological, economic, environmental and political developments in societies

Trend: the general direction in which something tends to move

Megatrends: trends and groups of trends that are expected to extend over decades, changing slowly and exerting considerable force across wide array of areas of human society

drivers and trends objectives
Drivers and trendsObjectives

Overall objectives

- provide the updated information on the main trends which are influencing European environment

- analyse their interlinkages at different spatial scales and in different timeframes.

- analyse consequences to environment/ env. policy.

Developing a shared understanding of the nature of long-term drivers and trends and their influence on Europe’s environment can be an important tool in developing appropriate short and long-term policy responses within countries and at the European scale.

drivers and trends current activities
Drivers and trendsCurrent activities

11 Global megatrends (SOER 2010),

Global megatrends assessment. Main drivers and key uncertainties are presented.

-European megatrends working document

Support long term research strategy (trends, drivers, uncertainties, interlinkages, research gaps)

Main outputs:

SOER 2010, Megatrends assessment ( first analyses on impacts to EU environment ( 30 Nov. 2010)

Megatrend factsheets & Background reports

EEA Research foresight – European drivers for long term research strategy

drivers and trends global drivers
Drivers and trends:global drivers

Long term trends until 2050/2100

These drivers will influence Europe’s environment over the coming decades

An analysis of global drivers can provide an important tool for developing short and long-term policy responses

Such an analysis is being used in the SOER 2010 process (Part A)