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AlphaStar International Teleport PowerPoint Presentation
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AlphaStar International Teleport

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AlphaStar International Teleport
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AlphaStar International Teleport

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  1. AlphaStar International Teleport Broadband Everywhere Unique Teleport FeaturesServices Offered Teleport Facilities66 Hawley RoadOxford, CT 06478

  2. History of AlphaStar • AlphaStar was a Direct To Home Satellite Television Broadcasting Company (one of the four original DTH including DirectTv, EchoStar, PrimeStar and AlphaStar). • A Unique Teleport facility built as part of the “Star Wars” proram. (built to military specs on 12 acres). • Global View (to track enemy satellites in Europe, Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia). • FCC Licensed video based (500 TV channels and thousands of audio channels)

  3. History of AlphaStar (Cont) • Includes Earth Station, Television and Post Production Facilities (one of about a dozen such facilities worldwide). • Both Fiber and Satellite Connections. • Completed one year of Testing the Hybrid Network. • Deployed 7 Locations and Contracted with Tower Management Company for 200 Locations. • Used Loral Satellite Telestar 5, Telestar 7 and 11 to test European and Asian Coverage

  4. 1 of a Dozen World-Wide Global Coverage - Part of Reagan’s Star War C-band and Ku-band Uplink and Downlink Connection to Fiber IP Backbone Climate Controlled Built to Military Specs Encoding / Decoding / Encryption Conditional Access Fully Redundant Operations Center Capable of reaching North and South America, parts of Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa AlphaStar International TeleportBroadcasting & Broadband Features of the Teleport

  5. AlphaStar BroadbandBroadcasting & Broadband 2-Way Satellite Broadband Hybrid Network Integration (2 way satellite with WIMAX local access (fixed and mobile) targeting residential, SOHO, telecommuters Internet users, MDU, MTU and the hospitality industry Point to Point Backbone to Telco, Cable Head-Ends, Fixed Wireless, and other Commercial applications. Field Test at Cisco’s Campus in San Jose, CA (June, 2000)

  6. Point Point

  7. Multi-Point Point

  8. With the exception of fiber connections at the teleport, totally bypasses all terrestrial links Able to setup new locations In days as opposed to weeks or months provisioning landlines Utilizes caching technologies to save 25 to 33% of satellite bandwidth Cache content is customized based on location Utilizes WIMAX technologies for the “last mile” which saves on upfront equipment costs and provides easy installation WIMAX unlike WIFI has a wider broadcast range and is designed to cover large areas with maximum bandwidth The AlphaStar Way