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  1. International

  2. Awarded MSF Best Military Motorcycle Club 2004 2005

  3. Knights Round Table All thee international clubs compete in friendly competition for the scepter. Green Knights win 2009 Competition

  4. History/info of the Green Knights Founded: • By Adam F. Buehler with the help from TSgt Jeff Richards • At McGuire AFB • Officially established on 15 Feb 00 • By-Laws officially adopted on 19 Dec 00 Was created to help all riders on base to have one voice.

  5. Trademarks Green Knights Motorcycle Club Serial Number: 78011456 Filed 6 Jun 00 Military Motorcycle Club (MMC) Serial Number: 77856751 Filed 24 Oct 09 The Green Knights is the only MMC in existence

  6. History/info of the Green Knights (cont) Founded on the principles/values of: Charity, Honor, Truth, Respect, Support, Loyalty, and Commitment 2004- The Air Force uses a template from the Green Knights as a standard format for all bases. Air Force Safety Motorcycle Site 2004- Green Knights won- Outstanding Club or Event for the military. 2005- (April) The Green Knights National is established. 2009- (27 Oct) The Green Knights vote on becoming International

  7. Why the name Green Knights? When we first started the club we searched for a name that all branches of the service could rally behind. While searching for names, we came across the Blue Knights. They were very helpful and informed us of other “Knight” clubs. So far there are the following: Blue Knight MC- Law Enforcement Gold Knights MC- Retired Law Enforcement Red Knights MC- Fire Department White Knights MC- EMT’s In keeping with the “Knight” theme we decided on the color Green. Green represented the old green style uniformed that our services worn in the past. Plus it sounded better then the Camouflage Knights. The Knights name was liked due to the old medieval code of the knight: Charity, Honor, Truth, Respect, Support, Loyalty, and Commitment

  8. Our Symbol

  9. Symbol- Was modeled after the basic military style insignias. Horse- represents the horsepower of our rides. Knight- represents the old code. How our members should act Lightning bolt- represents the Air Force striking power. Since the AF started the club. Stars- represented the original 13 colonies. Knights Shield- represents defense of our country. Our Symbol (cont)

  10. Who Are The Green Knights • There are currently over 70 chapters • Membership is open to all motorcyclists of the DoD community • Active - Guard • Reserve - DoD Civilians • Family Members - Retirees • Promote safe fun riding for ALL “Bikers”. • Designed a new style of the “MC” worn by some clubs. The Green Knights do not promote the MC but MMC (Military Motorcycle Club) ™. • All motorcycles are welcome • cruiser, sport, touring, dual-purpose, scooters, etc.

  11. Our Purpose • Foster comradeship and esprit de corps for all motorcyclists • Promote and encourage on-going rider education and skill development • Provide a means for new riders to find experienced riders as mentors • Promote motorcycle awareness on and off base • Serve as a voice for our motorcycling community • Fight for your rights on Base. • Help define the regulations so all are happy

  12. Our Purpose (cont.) • We love to RIDE!!! • Weekly rides for all motorcyclists • Maintenance Help “Tech Parties” • New member orientation – Help members get to know the area with a “Places to go list”. Monthly dinners, rides, and events • Network of trailers- Members with trailers often help or retrieve members that break down in the area. No one is left stranded!

  13. Mentorship and the GKMMC #1 Goal: Lead by example

  14. Mentorship in the Green Knights • New Rider Member: New members with less than one year of riding experience will be provided with a mentor when joining the GKMC. A mentor must be selected from the general membership to observe and advise the new rider for a period of six months. The mentor is selected by an agreed upon decision of the President, Vice President, and Secretary. After completion of the six month period, with mentor concurrence, the individual becomes an active member.

  15. Green Knights and Safety • Act as the focal point between safety and the riders. Updated safety information and news will be forwarded to all members of the GKMMC. As well as all complaints and issues to the safety office. • Push to not only educate the base riders but the base populace. We are out there all year round. Bright colors and protection only go so far. • Support MSF classes. • Try to make the gear and regulations the new in thing.

  16. Green Knights and Safety (cont) • We are not “Safety Police,” but we do endorse guidelines established by DODi 6055.4, specific Branch regulations, and local installations. • Safety is a primary concern of the Green Knights – any rider who jeopardizes the safety of any club member during a club ride will be asked to leave • We are here to educate our riders and foster safe riding • Encourage base, safety, and LE officials to attend meetings. Create a positive work environment.

  17. Our Values • We strive to set the example everywhere we go based on the standards, traditions, and customs of the United States Armed Forces • We only participate in events that would reflect positively on the military and on the Green Knights • We promote charity and rewarding activities for our folks to participate in. • Family members are encouraged to attend any/all of our events • Educate- new, old, and non riders

  18. Chapter 1- McGuire AFB/Ft Dix , NJ Chapter 2- Orangeburg Army Recruiting Center, NY Chapter 3- McChord AFB “South Sound”, WA Chapter 4- Lackland AFB, TX Chapter 5- Hanscom AFB, MA Chapter 6- Columbus AFB, MS Chapter 7- USAF Academy, CO Chapter 8- Fairchild AFB, WA Chapter 9- Andersen AFB, Guam Chapter 10- Maxwell AFB, AL Chapter 11- Whiteman AFB, MO Chapter 12- Washington DC Metro Area Chapter 13- Seymour Johnson, NC Chapter 14- Elmendorf AFB, Alaska Green Knight Chapters

  19. Chapter 15- North Carolina Air National Guard, NC Chapter 16- New Hampshire "Minutemen“, NH Chapter 17- Niagara Falls ARS Chapter 18- Scott AFB, MO Chapter 19- Beale AFB, CA Chapter 20- National Capital Region, MD Chapter 21, Tyndal AFB, FL Chapter 22, Aviano AFB, Italy Chapter 23, Vermont National Guard “Green Mountain Men” Chapter 24, Travis AFB, CA Chapter 25, Schriever AFB, CO Chapter 26, Edwards AFB, FL Green Knight Chapters

  20. Chapter 27, Spangdahlem A.B Eifel Riders Chapter 28- Luke AFB, AZ Chapter 29- Ramstein AFB, GER Chapter 30- Moutain Home AFB, ID Chapter 31- MacDill AFB, FL Chapter 32- Wright Patt AFB, OH Chapter 33- Royal Air Force, UK Chapter 34, Hawaii (all services) Green Knight Chapters Chapter 35, Eielson AFB, AK Chapterr 36, Patrick AFB, FL Chapter 37, Charleston AFB, SC Chapter 38, Westover ARB, MA Chapter 39, Vandenberg AFB, CA Chapter 40, Rochester Recruiting Company, NY Chapter 41, Hunter AAF, GA Chapter 42, West Virginia ANG

  21. Chapter 43, Atlus AFB, Ok Chapter 44, Incirlik AB, Turkey Chapter 45, McConnell AFB, Kan Chapter 46, Willowgrove NAS, PA Chapter 47, Ft Sam Houston, TX Chapter 48, Langley VA (Ft Eustis) Chapter 49, Dover AFB, DE Chapter 50, Stewart ANGB, NY Chapter 51, Pittsburg ANG, PA Green Knight Chapters Chapter 52, NYANG, NY Chapter 53, Gulf Coast Chapter 54, Sheppard AFB, TX Chapter 55, Little Rock AFB, AR Chapter 56, Ellington Field JRB, TX Chapter 57, Bolling AFB, D.C. Merged with Chapter 20 Chapter 58, Shaw AFB, SC Chapter 59, Irish Defense Force Chapter 60, Ft Mead, MD Merged with Chapter 20

  22. Chapter 61, Ft Bragg, NC Chapter 62, Grand Forks, ND Chapter 63, Dyess AFB, TX Chapter 64, Goodfellow AFB, TX “American Patriots” Chapter 65, Minot AFB, ND Chapter 66, Sunny Point, NC Chapter 67, Hill AFB, UT Chapter 68, Ellsworth, SD Green Knight Chapters Chapter 70, Arnold AFB, TN Chapter 71, Canadian Forces Canada (CFC), Vancouver Chapter 72, Malmstrom AFB, MT Chapter 73, Houston Army Recruiting Battalion, TX Chapter 74, Delaware National Guard, DE Chapter 75, Barksdale, LA Chapter 76, Clear AFS, AK

  23. Green Knight Chapters Chapter 77, Ft Lee, VA Chapter 78, “the Maniacs” ANG, MA Chapter 79, Nellis AFB, NV Chapter 80, Davis-Monthan, AZ Chapter 81, Moody AFB, GA

  24. Members at Large The Green Knights MMC understands not all bases will have chapters. To ensure membership we have developed a catch all chapter: Green Knights MMC Chapter X Chapter President: Milton Abrams

  25. Daniel Faulkner Memorial Run ABATE – For the Kids McGuire AFB – Awareness Run Valley Forge Run- McGuire AFB Rolling Thunder- Run to the Wall Daytona Sturgis Myrtle Beach Laconia Local Events Charity Blue/Red/White Knight Events AMA Polar Bears Ride to Work Day Tail of the Dragon Past Runs/Events The Green Knights MMC does not endorse any illegal motorcycle functions or events

  26. Gathering of the Knights Green Knight Chapters gathering together to ride. Each year we try to locate gatherings for both coasts. If your interested in hosting one, have your Chapter President contact National. 1st Annual was hosted by McGuire AFB at Deals Gap (Tail of the Dragon) This year, Chapter 16 is hosting our East Coast Gathering of the Knights for Laconia Bike Week.

  27. Our Venders/POC's Visit our web site for our other venders • Coins Website: E-Mail: • Colors (large 9-15 in) Apparel 2000 Bob- • Colors (reflective 10 in only) Sports and Shirts Gale- • Company: The Sticker Factory POC: Jeff Richards- GKMC National MSF Rep All designs are required to be approved by National first!

  28. GKMC Gear Coins Hats Stickers

  29. Our Colors

  30. Colors The Green Knights knows that one set of colors will not fit into all areas of the US let alone the globe. We off three designs. Chapters can design their own colors. Before they go into production the chapter needs to clear the design with National.

  31. Basic Design Modeled after the Air Crew design. This is still a singe patch. The Green Knights do not use a Three Patch system.

  32. Iron Cross A symbol adopted first by fire departments around the world and then by motorcyclists. It is a symbol to represent protection and safe return.

  33. Circle This is a favorite symbol to use for colors.

  34. Protective Eyewear John Moore       Military Account Manager Phone: 888-203-4521 Tell him your with GKMC! Green Knight Contact at Wiley-X Meets DoD and AF motorcycle standards

  35. Club Shirts POC: Craig Anderson 888-784-6730

  36. American Flags In support for the Green Knights when we replace the flags on cemetery plots of fallen brothers and sisters in the armed forces. Aaron Schuh      Green Knight direct link Phone: 866-691-0308 ext 125 Check their web site for other types of flags as well

  37. National Officers: Director, Adam F. Buehler Phone- (609) 754-8551 DSN- 650-8551 Safety Director, TSgt Jeff Richards Sgt at Arms- TSgt Tom Green • • Links to all GKMC Chapters • List of Events • Online Forum

  38. Vince “Invincible” Papale Nub American Chopper Santa PA Governor Edward Rendell Jason Britton Speed Channel- Super Bikes

  39. QUESTIONS???