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Outline. The Money Network Vision Why Paycards Now? Our Value Proposition – Employers / Employees Concord & Money Network Overview The Money Network Solution Pay Card Training New and Future Features Features & Benefits Summary VIII. Questions and Next Step. The Money Network Vision.

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Presentation Transcript
  • The Money Network Vision
  • Why Paycards Now?
  • Our Value Proposition – Employers / Employees
  • Concord & Money Network Overview
  • The Money Network Solution
  • Pay Card Training
  • New and Future Features
  • Features & Benefits Summary

VIII. Questions and Next Step

The Money Network Vision
  • “To be the number one payroll card issuer in the industry by enabling paperless pay for employers while providing employees a safe, convenient and cost-effective alternative to receiving paper checks”
why pay cards now
Why Pay Cards Now?
  • Nationwide 9.5% of Families non-banked.
    • Working Poor
    • Higher percentage of minorities
    • Below the age of 25 or above 55
  • This percentage has not changed over the last 5 years.
  • Last link to complete electronic payments.
Our Value Proposition
  • Reduce costs associated with payroll
    • production, distribution, fraud, other
  • Maximize direct deposit participation
  • Meet State escheatment requirements.
  • Flexibility via Paycard options
    • Stored value, Visa or Star
  • Low cost solution through vertical integration
  • Dedicated resources to focus on education and implementation
Our Value Proposition
  • Convenience
    • easy access, no more standing in lines
  • Safety - not required to carry cash
  • - FDIC Insurance
  • Can provide no-NSF solution
  • Enable low cost bill payment tool via the Transcheck
  • Pride in owning a financial instrument
  • Improve money management capabilities
  • Education of the cardholder on PIN-secured debit as a low-cost method to access cash
Payroll Card Clients


RGT Foods


why choose money network
Why Choose Money Network
  • Only Money Network can enable 100% elimination of checks, How?
    • Transcheck- Employees are able to access their pay when they misplace their card, without employer involvement.
    • Internet Funding- Off cycle or final pay can be made to the card using internet funding.
    • Instant Issue- Allow the card to be the default, instead of a payroll check.
  • Transcheck allows 100% Access to Full Pay
    • Employees are able to access their pay to the penny.
pay card environment
Pay Card Environment
  • Two Types of Pay Card Platforms
    • Visa or Star Branded
  • Demographics of Employee Base Determines best Choice.
  • Money Network prefers to act as a consultant to develop the best paycard option for each employer.
  • Issues to consider:
    • Employee demographics
    • Mandate or elective
    • Instant issue
    • NSF’s
    • Availability of funds (Settlement)
    • Accepted Locations (Internet Purchasing)
    • Brand Recognition
    • The Only VISA with a Transcheck Option
  • Electronic enrollment via simple data extract, web utility or spreadsheet
  • Can instantly issue cards & Transchecks
  • Collect basic employee information
  • IVR access code is last 4 digits of the card
  • Employee may change PIN as desired
Account Loading
  • Standard direct deposit
  • --No additional systems needed
  • Real time funding
  • --Internet based tools
  • --Instant funds transfer
  • --Off cycle adjustments
funds accessibility
Funds Accessibility

4 Methods

  • ATM

--99.9% acceptance

--National surcharge free network

  • Transcheck

--Paper negotiable document

  • ACH Transfer

--To hometown bank accounts

  • PIN-Secured Debit

--99.9% acceptance

--Use at Retailers for purchase with Cash back

--May be used at the US Post Office for 100% Access via Money Orders

--Broadest footprint for acceptance

pay card training
Pay Card Training
  • Customized Implementation
  • Reflect goals specific to your organization
  • Training & enrollment aids
    • Video
    • Pictograms
    • Posters
    • Quick Reference Sleeves
  • Rollout scheduling
  • Communication to management
pay card training16
Pay Card Training
  • Employee Training Focus
    • Reason for change
    • Benefits to employee
      • Convenience
      • Dependability
      • Safety
      • No NSF fees (Star Only)
    • How do I use my pay card
    • Special emphasis on POS purchases with “cash back” as the most efficient way to use the card
newest offerings and future development
Newest Offerings and Future Development
  • Money Network can provide electronic pay stub delivery to eliminate all paper.
  • Money Network will enable access at Coinstar Machines, when the technology is available.
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