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BP Bio fuels. a growing alternative. Name Bob Saunders Title Russian Standards Conference, DBERR, 14 th Nov 2008. CEN Structure for developing Biofuels specs Work Programme for development of Biofuel specs Drivers for Bio-fuel standards Justification for Industry participation

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Bp bio fuels

  • BP Biofuels

  • a growing alternative

  • Name

  • Bob Saunders

  • Title

  • Russian Standards Conference, DBERR, 14th Nov 2008


CEN Structure for developing Biofuels specs

Work Programme for development of Biofuel specs

Drivers for Bio-fuel standards

Justification for Industry participation

Impact on Suppliers

Sustainability standards for Bio-fuels


Committee of european norms

European Commission Mandate

CEN (Technical Committees)

National Standards Bodies

Committee of European Norms

Trade Associations

Consumer Groups NGOs

National Governments

Industrial Companies

Structure of technical committee 19

Gaseous & Liquid fuels specs & test methods for both fossil and renewable fuels

Over 30 Working Groups but key WGs are;

WG 21 Gasoline specification

Task Force Bio-Ethanol

Task Force E85

WG 23 Autogas specification

WG 24 Diesel Specification

Task Force Bio-diesel

WG 25 Light Heating Fuel specification

Others investigate and develop appropriate Test Methods

Structure of Technical Committee 19

Current specs work programme

EN 228 and renewable fuels Gasoline spec WG 21

already allows 5% bio-ethanol

developing 10% spec due 2010

Developing E 85 links with ethanol TF

EN 590 Diesel spec WG 24

Already allows 5% FAME

B7 spec is currently out for consultation, due to publish Aug ‘09

B10 is on the work programme

EN 14214 Bio-diesel spec (FAME)

Working on improving Test Methods particularly –thermal stability

EN 14213 FAME for Heating Fuels – dormant

EN 15376 Bio-ethanol specification

Current Specs Work Programme

Global harmonisation of biofuel specs

Initiative of European, US and Brazilian Governments, Feb 2007

Work programme

Establish contact with experts in the regions

Exchange specifications and test methods

Compared test methods and highlight difference in measurements

Compared specifications and listed in 3 categories

A – similar

B – different but could be harmonised

C – different and too difficult to harmonise

White Paper published early 2008

Conference planned in Rio de Janeiro Jan ’09, share results and develop next steps

Global Harmonisation of Biofuel Specs

Bp bio fuels

Drivers for Change 2007

Key drivers in moving towards sustainable mobility solutions

  • Security of supply & energy diversification

  • Climate change issues

    Biofuels address both these issues.

Drivers for biofuel standards

Political 2007

European Commission to aid implementation of Directives

Biofuel Directive sets aspirational targets

Fuel Quality Dir. sets GHG reduction targets on transport fuel suppliers

Renewable Energy Dir. sets mandatory targets on transport fuels

Protect the consumer (Industry customers)

Minimise operational problems




Develop a market

Drivers for Biofuel Standards

Industry perspective

Justification for Industry Participation 2007

All stakeholders need to be engaged

Maximise benefits for industry

Protect interests of industry – product liability

Protect “Customers”

Impact on Suppliers

Legal specs in some countries

Commoditises product

Allows free movement of goods within Europe

Consistency of feedstocks and products

Reducing costs

Industry perspective

Bp bio fuels

Background 2007

UK with Dutch governments developed “Environmental standards” for biofuels

Dutch gov’t mandated NEN to propose the development of European std through CEN

RED/FQD will include sustainability principles and criteria, therefore need for common standards

Bio-fuel Sustainability Standards

Recent cen biofuel initiative

Created a new Technical Committee May ’08 – 2007TC 383

Already met twice with the support of 14 member states so far

Convenor elected Dutch academic prof Helias Udo de Haes

Title agree “Sustainably produced biomass for energy applications”

Expert Working Group structure

WG 1 Terminology

WG 2 GHG methodology

WG 3 Environmental sustainability incl biodiversity

WG 4 Social and economic issues

WG 5 Auditing and verification

WG 6 Indirect effects

Recent CEN Biofuel Initiative

Bp bio fuels

Thank You 2007