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The Rocky Mountaineer PowerPoint Presentation
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The Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer

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The Rocky Mountaineer

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  1. The Rocky Mountaineer

  2. Survey Results My group included: Si, Braedn, Queenie, and Jenny. They said that they want wanted to: • Go on a cruise • Stay in a hotel • Go to Vegas • Go sightseeing in Banff • And most of them said they like doing quiet activities, or doing something new all the time • There was no budget or money limit

  3. General Information About the Vacation Based on the results of the survey, I chose a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer. This is a trip through the Canadian Rockies that starts and ends in Vancouver. The trip is 9 days long, and it goes through Kamloops, Jasper, Banff and Yoho. This trip is suitable for all groups of people.

  4. Accommodations The trip starts and ends in Vancouver, B.C. It is a 9 day/8 night all inclusive trip. There are a number of different activities to do during the trip. The train travels through: Vancouver, Kamloops, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff, Kamloops again, and then back to Vancouver. The accommodations are as follows: • Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre (Junior Suite) – Vancouver • Hotel in Kamloops • Marmot Lodge – Jasper • Fairmont Chateau (Fairmont Lakeview Room) – Lake Louise • Banff Caribou Lodge & Spa – Banff • Hotel in Kamloops • Sheraton Vancouver Wall Centre (Traditional Room) – Vancouver

  5. Activities Some of the activities on the trip are: • Going to the Columbia Ice fields • Going on the Banff gondola • A tour of Yoho National park • A summit helicopter “flight seeing” tour

  6. Risks The level of risk is relatively low for all the activities and the trip itself. Some risk factors associated with this trip are: going on the helicopter through the mountains, walking on the glacier, or if something goes wrong with the gondola. Factors that may hinder or prevent people from doing this activity are: money, the language barrier, or fear of heights.

  7. Would People be Comfortable With These Risks? • Most people would be comfortable with this trip (in relation to risk) because the experience outweighs the risk • People would be motivated to go on this trip because it’s a great experience, and there’s little risk involved

  8. When is this this opportunity available? • This opportunity is available year round. It’s mostly personal preference as to when the person wants to go.

  9. Who is this trip suitable for? This trip is suitable for: • Older Adults • Younger Adults • International Tourists • Seniors • Note that this trip is expensive, and some groups of people may not be willing (or might not be able) to spend that much on this trip.

  10. Price/Costs • The train departs from Vancouver, and airfare to and back from Vancouver would be about $390. • The cost of the train trip itself is $5,264.00 (all inclusive).

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