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Android or iOS

This presentation is about comparing the two leading operating systems Android, iOS in market.

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Android or iOS

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  1. Contus-Technology at IT's best Android Vs iOS

  2. Introduction: “Smart phones” is the word which is tossing around us and became a best companion among people in particular teens.

  3. The question that strikes our mind while buying a Smart Phones is Android or iOS? Which should I go with??

  4. Think????

  5. Let's have a look about Android and iOS

  6. AndroidEffectively updated OS that presents you the best designed features within your budget.Have a look at the features compiled by Android authority that makes people to go behind Android.

  7. Features • Application Framework • Multiple price points • Customization • Widgets • Google Now • Integrated with Google services and Products • Custom ROM's • Speed of Improvement

  8. iOS (iPhone) First Smart handset that entered Smart Phone World and still retaining the best position with reputation. Here are the features of iOS

  9. Features • Cocoa Touch • Faster Performance • Built-in Cameras and Photo Library • Inter-app Messaging • Multitasking

  10. Manufactures AndroidiPhone Samsung, Sony, HTC, Apple Motorola and more

  11. Here we go!!!! The highlighted reasons of both Android and Smart phones 5 reasons that makes iPhone better than Android smart phone: • Availability and quality of apps • Ease of use • Accessories, accessories and more accessories • Compatibility with other Apple devices • Great hardware

  12. 5 reasons that makes Android better than iOS: • Open Source • Flash • Handsets • Carries • Real Multitasking

  13. Statistical Reports

  14. Which platform has the most apps?

  15. Which platform is more widely used in business, iOS or Android?

  16. Conclusion This comparison never comes to an end as both Android and iOS smart phones are improvising their features for every second. If you observe on the basis of market share Android wins and iOS for Financial aspects. If you come with different conclusion, share your thoughts by commenting!!

  17. Thank You Contus Technology at IT's best Mobile Application Development Company http://www.contus.com/mobile-application-development.php

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