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Which is Better? iOS or Android Application Development? PowerPoint Presentation
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Which is Better? iOS or Android Application Development?

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Which is Better? iOS or Android Application Development? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ideally, an app should be on both platforms. However, if you have to choose one, take a look at what you can achieve with each. \n\n- Android is more affordable, so your app will have a much larger pool of customers. Similarly, Android also runs on more devices, so statistically, more people can use the app. \n\n- An iOS app, however, generates greater revenue. Apple users tend to have more money and are willing to spend it for a good app. \n\n- Android is more open-source and encourages greater innovation, thanks to Google’s philosophy of openness. Developers are freer to create apps with hitherto unforeseen features and function. \n\n- Apple’s quality checks cover all aspects of what most users would consider a great app. If your app is in App Store, its high quality is guaranteed.

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