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Android iOS Guide

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Android iOS Guide
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Android iOS Guide

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  1. Ultimate Android iOS Guides BDaySpotify will Surely allow you to do Unlimited Skips and Restart Songs while Playing without Shuffling

  2. There is a nice tool that you can use if you want to get some unlimited skips, the capability to restart your songs, and so as playing various songs without any shuffling needed by the system. This tool will also let you move forwards and backwards to your playlist. Take note that this is a free app for Spotify for computer versions. • For those who want to use this feature on their mobile phone, that means you might need to go for a premium subscription from Spotify. But if you’re jailbroken, you will be able to get access to these amazing features with the help of BDaySpotify!

  3. Spotify is well known to many people, and a lot favor this app for music streaming whenever they want to listen to songs new and old. There are over 10 million songs recorded in this site, and take note that they update with every new song being released. • Their playlists are well made as well for the sake of the users whenever they want to listen to some fine music. There are lots of people who love this app, and there are some that really love to pay for a Premium subscription. However, there is no need to go premium anymore.

  4. The apps of Spotify for tablets and computers can allow you to play various songs, and so as make a skip at anytime you want. It will also let you replay songs, and even avoid the shuffle command. There are more things that you can do with this version. Sadly, not for most mobile phones.

  5. If you want to spend some money on becoming premium in Spotify, then we’re not stopping you from doing that since you can afford it. But if you don’t want to pay for it, and you don’t mind about supporting the singers in their career, then make sure that you learn how to jailbreak to do this effectively. So if you prefer to pay for premium membership, then go ahead and do so.

  6. Take note that BDaySpotify is a tweak for jailbroken phones that can allow you to do unlimited skipping, replay, no shuffle mode, and look for songs in an easier way. There are lots of features that are added on this tweak as well, and this will never need you to pay for premium subscriptions anymore. • Take note that this is just a recent upload on the web, and this is a worthy app to try out. Take note that this is a pirate’s duty since using this app overrides the premium feature. So take note that you should use this for educational purposes only.

  7. This is known to be found in Cydia under the BigBoss repo, and so as ModMyi repo. You also need to add up by going to Cydia’s Manage folder > Sources > Edit > Add to apply this repo. You will be able to search for BdaySpotify once you do this, and it will immediately add up to your Spotify once installed. • For more android guides please visit:-

  8. Thank you….