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MG Assignment

MG Assignment

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MG Assignment

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  1. Presentation By: AhsanTufail Date: June 18, 2013

  2. Introduction • The 2012 Summer Olympics also popularly known as the London 2012 was a splendid event which included a list of events, governed by the International Olympic Committee. • Multi sport event • Motto – inspire a generation • 204 nations participating • Governing body IOC • Also known as XXX Olympiad

  3. Opening Ceremony • The opening ceremony was conducted on the eve of 27th July, Friday at the eminent Olympic Stadium. There was the welcome speech with flag hoisting. • Splendid spectacle at the Olympic stadium • Parade of the athletes representing their country • National culture portrayed • Games opened by Queen Elizabeth II

  4. Opening Ceremony • The ceremony lasted for almost 4 hours with huge worldwide viewership. The theme which was reflected was “inspire a generation”. It was a giant success and praised by innumerable as a unique one. • Television viewers of the event : 900 million • Theme – inspire a generation • Greatest ever event in terms of – extravaganza, music and success • Live musical performers included Frank Turner, Mike Oldfield, London Symphony Orchestra, Rowan Atkinson, Dizzee Rascal, Arctic Monkeys, and Sir Paul McCartney. • Won Theatre Event of the Year award

  5. The Torch • The relay was run from 19th May till 27th July. This process was revealed on 18th May, 2011. The Cauldron was lit by Callum Airlie, Jordan Duckitt, Desiree Henry, Katie Kirk, Cameron MacRitchie, Aidan Reynolds and Adelle Tracey. • Started from the Temple of Hera • UK torch 70 days lasting • Sir Steve Redgrave enters the stadium with the Olympic Flame • Motto of Olympics : Faster, Higher and Stronger • Shape represents respect, excellence and friendship • Low combustion fuel by LOCOG

  6. Participating Nations More than 10,000 athletes participated from 204 nations. It was the first time for so many nations joining the event.

  7. The Stadium • The stadium was decked beautifully. The stadiums were decorated and renewed with larger accommodation. The marvellous stadium was powered by good security. • Decorated and renewed for large viewership • Focus on sustainability • Giant Olympic Park of 200 hectare was constructed in East London • Various stadium used for different games • Enhanced security for each ground.

  8. Major events in 1st Week • The initial events was seen of the Women’s football in Cardiff and Coventry which was on 25 July. Archery, Badminton, Basketball, boxing, Cycling, Diving, Fencing, Football, shooting, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Volleyball were the major events which was seen in the first week. • Initial event began 2 days before the Olympics • Variety of games ranging from boxing to tennis • Archery – Korea won gold medal • Badminton both in men’s & women's China won the gold medal

  9. Major events in 2nd Week • After a packed 1st week events the second week followed. Canoe, Cycling, diving, fencing, rowing, volley ball, short put, heptathlon, women’s weightlifting, women’s haptathlon were the major events of the second week. • Scintillating 1 week • Ranging from canoe, cycling to short put etc • The distribution of medal • Volleyball in men’s category Russia won the gold medal • Women volley ball – Brazil won the gold medal

  10. Major events in Last Week • After an extravaganza first and second week the final week was welcomed. Various events was due for the week which included events like Boxing, cycling, Diving, Gymnastics, Handball, Soccer, Swimming, Volleyball, water polo, Wrestling etc. • Amazing feat by William sisters • Synchronous swimming reached new heights • Countdown for the final ceremony • Studded with events of many types • Medals presentation

  11. Controversy • Protection of the Olympic brand was the major issue. LOCOG was put to criticism for the stern policies undertaken by them. The guidelines states that some logos and words cannot be used. • Controversy over sponsorship • Controversy about athletes using social media • Sponsors in trouble due to non use of the logo • Sponsor of 2012 mainly junk food producers.

  12. Mismanagement • The electronic payment service was done by the Visa under the sponsorship deal with the IOC. This led to a huge debate and criticism during the sale of tickets before the games. The payment system attracted a lot of complaints over this matter. • Visa system – huge debate • Unreliable system • Lack of cash points • Complaints poured from all corner

  13. Greatest Achievements • There were many amazing performances by the athletes which took the world by a surprise. The unbelievable record chart was huge. There were some noteworthy performances by the athletes. • Incredible performances by athletes • Female athletes showing great skills - Ye Shiwen of China in women’s 400 metre medley set a world record of 4:28.43 • In archery men’s individual Im Dong Hyun of South Korea scored a world record which was 699 in the ranking round

  14. Medal Tally • There were around 10,800 athletes who took part in 302 events. Of the 204 participating nations, 85 received one medal. United States topped the gold chart along with the total followed by China and Great Britain. • Royal Mint produced 4700 medals for the event • 54 individuals received atleast one gold medal • USA topping with 104 medals.

  15. Closing Ceremony • The closing ceremony took place on 12th August 2012. The ceremony was done with great pomp and splendour and it witnessed flashback or recap to British music. The ceremony end also witnessed the handover of the flag by Boris Johnson, Mayor of London to Eduardo Paes, Mayor of Rio de Janeiro which is the host city of 2016 Olympics. • British Music in full flow • Performers more than 4100 • Final ceremony done by the The Who • Handover of the flag.

  16. Closing Ceremony • The ceremony celebrated the spirit of the game and the incredible feats of the athletes from across the world. It was a tribute to their courage and determination. The introduction was started the athletes entered the stadium and the volunteers were thanked for the service rendered. • Amazing feats of athletes applauded • 4100 people & 380 students took part • Grand celebration of the spirit of the game • Creative talent portrayed

  17. Will be remembered for ever and ever