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  1. Virtual Data Build Solution April 2010 Manny Letran www.certatech.com.au 1

  2. New Alternative • Statement • Certatech Virtual Data Build solution provides a new alternative after realizing growing shortfalls in the technical telecoms sector. • We can remotely assist customers to deliver Data Transcript solutions for their Implementation and Integration within tightening budgets, timescales & lack of DT resources. • We can also provide onsite personnel at the customer’s request. • Problem Telecommunication operators and vendors do have dynamic workloads with peaks & troughs throughout the life span of a project which: • Difficult to retain Data Transcript resources • Difficult to get experienced contractors at the time • Available contractors may NOT be locals, hence requiring VISA & extra costs • Increased budget costs due to increase headcount. • Solution Certatech Virtual Data Build solution provides: • Reduced overheads. (No flights/ accomm expenses, on-site insurance’s, etc) • No desk space required nor IT equipment (unless required for security) • No training required. • Depth within the company, being able to provide internal support and Quality Assurance. • Proven track record & processes already in place, hence minimal risk to the customer. • Customers awareness of our DT team to be at their disposal should they require.

  3. Main Benefits & Value Proposition Certatech can provide their customers with a “Virtual” DT team at their disposal. This is a great benefit to our customers where it would minimise the usual concerns of their own DT resources where it may be depleted at the time. It also eliminates the regrettable administration overheads that come with DT contractors being on their premises and chewing up valuable budget allocation. • Certatech “Virtual” Data Build Solutions can: • Provide (DT) Data Transcript Solutions from stand-alone nodes to full integration into any network. • Provide DT solutions for hardware expansions on existing nodes. • Provide DT Solutions for complete traffic Data build for new or existing nodes. • Provide DT Solutions for circuit build (reduction/expansion/optimization) • Provide technical support on supplied DT and any implementation issues to onsite integrators. • Provide flexibility by supplying Data/Script files ONLY, or provide full “turn-key” solution. • Provide a full end-to-end process/life cycle for delivery to the customer.

  4. Target Customers

  5. Supported Technologies

  6. “Data Build” Objectives • To provide our customers a “Virtual” Data Team” at their disposal. • To provide Data/scripts with option to integrate into network • To provide highly experienced engineers for all activities • To provide processes to improve configuration/Implementation • To interface smoothly with other areas: Designs, PMO, Integrators • To maintain quality of service delivered to the customer. • To increase customer’s perception of our operations

  7. Customer Create MOPs Follow Check Lists Design Audit Integrate on site Data/Script files Integrate with MOPs Improve process Feedback to DT team Network solutions Work across nodes Technical Support Work across nodes “Virtual” Data Team Structure Implementation manager DT Team “Integration” “Data Build”

  8. “Virtual” Data Team Breakdown Example ONLY

  9. “Data Build” Timing of Activities Example ONLY

  10. “Data Build” Team Breakdown Resources Example ONLY

  11. Example ONLY Client PM1 PM2 PM3 PM4 PM5 “Data Build” Interfacing DT team Design / Planning Typical Vendor DT structure Certatech Virtual DT team Certatech Single Point of Contact

  12. Example ONLY DT team Client Operator Design / Planning PM1 PM2 PM3 PM4 PM5 Typical Vendor DT structure “Data Build” Interfacing Increased efficiency Due to stream-lined Communication channels Certatech Virtual DT team Certatech Single Point of Contact

  13. Customer Interaction

  14. Virtual Data Build Solution April 2010 Manny Letran “The Alternative” www.certatech.com.au www.certatech.com.au 14

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