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all about bamboo santos

Jasa pembuatan berbagai macam kerajinan berbahan bambu

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all about bamboo santos

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  1. Bamboo As we know Bamboo is a plant species of grasses in the cavity.Bamboo have many types. In this world, bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants. Within a day of bamboo can grow along the 60cm (24 inch) even more, depending on soil conditions and climatology where he planted.

  2. INTRODUCING • Bamboo Santos is working on a business service and provide property, furniture, accesories made ​​from a bamboo plant.

  3. Bambu Santos • Properties from Bamboo • Furniture from Bamboo • Accesories from Bamboo

  4. Properti From Bamboo • Like most property is one of the types of buildings such as restaurants, houses, canopy, rooms, villas, cafes, etc. • Just as do properties of bamboo are restaurants, homes, canopy, rooms, villas, cafes, and much more with a base made ​​of bamboo.

  5. Furniture From Bamboo • Like most furniture is an object that is in the property and being in a room like a living room, kitchen, waiting room and other.for instance chairs, Tables, Cupboard and Other... • Just as of Bamboo Furniture is working on chairs, tables, Cupboards, and much more with a base made ​​of bamboo.

  6. Accesories From Bamboo • Accessories of the complementary goods or decorator to embellish anything. • In other words accesories from bamboo is working on complementary goods or decoration made ​​from bamboo. Example: bracelet, necklace, place lights, and much more with a base made ​​of bamboo.

  7. ADVANTAGE • Taking advantage of products made ​​from bamboo is compared with the other ingredients are: • 1.Cheaper • 2. Antique and unique • 3. Waterproof • 4. Durable (experience more than 10 years) • 5. Natural • For construction material is soaked bamboo furniture from the former to the chemical liquid for several days to prevent damage from insects



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