Bamboo technology bamboo furniture bamboo boards
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Bamboo Technology, Bamboo Furniture, Bamboo Boards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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NECTAR, NECTAR Government, NECTAR India, - NECTAR ORG, NECTAR IN, Science and technology development in India has changed positive social and economic in north east region of India, science and technology in India, application of information technology, NECTAR North East India and variety of applications.

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Bamboo technology bamboo furniture bamboo boards


NECTAR is conceived as a collaborative centre of excellence to resolve the last

mile problem in the delivery, induction, management, use and extension of

technology applications which serve public good and promote social and

economic development of the North Eastern region in the broadest possible

terms. The overall operational aim is to infuse, build and sustain a culture of

gainful applications of technology at the ground level among users and to fill

the void that persists at present in reaching to people, communities and end

users technology applications that remain unavailable to them. The focus and

emphasis of technology induction and extension is clearly on applications that

serve public good; that create livelihoods and employment, particularly among

the poor and disadvantaged communities; that promote equitable economic

growth; improve productivity in all areas; promote efficient and effective use of

local and natural resources; contribute to safety and a cleaner environment and

are socially desirable.

Bamboo technology bamboo furniture bamboo boards


Department of Science and Technology, Government of India

Technology Sectors

  • Agriculture and Agri-business

  • Horticulture

  • Projects that focus on sustainable use of the rich biodiversity of the Region.

  • Bamboo related Applications.

  • Land use and natural resources management

  • Water Basin and Watershed management Solutions

  • IT and communication tools, products and technologies

  • Technology products for improving safety and security.

  • Wireless communication systems and MESHNETS.

  • Technology Applications in Health and Education.

  • Monitoring tools for social sector schemes and programmes of the Government.

  • Off grid and community based clean and alternative energy solutions.

Bamboo technology bamboo furniture bamboo boards

Bamboo Board Marketing

NECTAR has supported various bamboo board

manufacturing units. However due to absence

of marketing & advertisement and high cost

(compared to plywood etc.), these units are

getting enormous competition from the existing

plywood market. To address the problem of

marketing, NECTAR has taken an initiative to

support the supported units in terms of marketing

their various available products in major markets

in India. To start with it NECTAR has initiated

The marketing in Delhi NCR,

Bamboo technology bamboo furniture bamboo boards

Bamboo Board Furniture

NECTAR has been trying to get various bamboo

processing units to take up furniture making

which offers substantial value addition. Various

options with bamboo mat board, with veneer,

bamboo timber (from Mizoram and Tripura)

and varied looks, especially distressed, have

been developed. The items manufactured are

chest of drawers, coffee table, centre table,

bench, side table, sofa, dining chair, stray chairs

etc. NECTAR has also participated in High Point

market exhibition and displayed the developed

furniture. Good response was received.

Bamboo technology bamboo furniture bamboo boards

Preservation of Natural Dye Yielding Plants

India has a rich tradition of using natural dyes.

In the north eastern states, natural dyes are still

used for domestic as well as commercial purpose

NECTAR, in association with Meghalaya

Government, is conducting a study for

preservation of locally available natural

dye yielding plant varieties. The objective is

to use scientific management practices for mass

production of these plant species which are on

verge of extinction.

Bamboo technology bamboo furniture bamboo boards

Giving Agarbatti an Identity - Creating

Marketing Linkage

Agarbatti industry offers sustainable potential

for rural enterprise. Domination of big market

players in this industry is leaving majority of the

small stick manufacturers with insufficient

margins. NECTAR is attempting to empower

these stick manufacturers. They are being

trained for taking up rolling and perfuming

facilities for producing quality product at

marginal price leading to higher value addition.

This is one industry which has substantial

employment potential especially the rural


Bamboo technology bamboo furniture bamboo boards

Processing Technologies for Ginger

and Turmeric

North Eastern Region is endowed with a varied topography and agro-climatic

conditions which offer vast potential for agriculture, horticulture and forestry.

Out of spices available in North east states, ginger and turmeric are the major

contributors. Ginger produced in NER has high oil and oleoresin content, making

it one of the best in quality.

Bamboo technology bamboo furniture bamboo boards



1. This is a document that invites project proposals from interested parties in

accordance with the details of substance and procedures of a scheme that

has been prepared by NECTAR for implementation in furtherance of its objects

and prescribed mandate. The proposals are required to be submitted as per the

prescribed format along with supporting testimonials, certificates and documents

that have been listed in the main body of the RFP document.

2. The North East Centre for Technology Application and Reach (NECTAR) has

been set up as an autonomous body under the Department of Science &

Technology. NECTAR has been constituted as a society and is headquartered

at Shillong, Meghalaya.