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DDP - Dynamic Drive Pool San - How it works PowerPoint Presentation
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DDP - Dynamic Drive Pool San - How it works

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DDP - Dynamic Drive Pool San - How it works - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Presentation Transcript
dynamic drive pool ddp
Dynamic Drive Pool - DDP
  • The DDP is a veryfaststorage server
  • Usingstandard ethernet
when and how to use the ddp
When and how to use the DDP?
  • Definingyourproblem
  • The DDP is the solution
  • The uniqueproperties of the DDP
  • A DDP foreverysituation
  • How to setup the DDP
  • How to operate the DDP
  • Scaling in capacityorcapacity and bandwidth
  • Backuppossibilities
companies use
Companies use
  • a file (NAS) server
  • firewire drives in addition or instead
  • a standard SAN (Storage Area Network)
  • But none is an ideal solution
  • What if… we merge advantages of all three?
the ddp is the solution
The DDP is the solution

DDP has SAN speed with NAS functionality

Using only GbE networks (1, 10, 40 GbE or multiples)

“Feels” similar to local drives

One box, one network, thus simple to install, use and maintain

Against an affordable price using standard off the shelve components

vision behind the ddp
Vision behind the DDP

DDP supports any application in this industry

Audio, Video and Film

For any operating system

Applications in any combination and any format

Exactly as you would expect

how did ardis do this
How did Ardis do this?
  • Using the SCSI protocol over IP (iSCSI)
  • Developing their ArdisVirtualFileSystem (AVFS)
  • Integrating all this in one box
  • Making it all work on Ethernet
how unique is the ddp
How unique is the DDP?
  • The aforementioneduniquesellingpoints
  • sets the DDP asidefromanycompetitor
  • and makes the DynamicDrivePool the solechoice
  • for professional broadcasters
  • and post productionfacilities.
  • Whoelse offers thissolution?
  • No one!
there are 5 lines of ddps
There are 5 lines of DDPs

standalone DDP series

miniDDP24D and miniDDP48D series

microDDP160, microDDP300 and microDDP600

mirror DDP series

scalable (non) redundant DDP series

how to setup the ddp
How to Setup the DDP?
  • Install the iSCSI and AVFS driveroneachworkstation
  • Optionallyinstall the software for the DDP Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Connect DDP and workstationstogetherusingan Ethernet switch
  • Giveboth DDP and workstationsappropriate IP addresses
is the ddp future proof
Is the DDP future proof?
  • The DDP drives can be replaced with bigger ones
  • The DDP can be delivered less populated
  • The DDP can be expanded with DDP16DEX storage arrays
  • Additional cards can be installed


ddp backup options
DDP Backup Options
  • Standard backupsolutions
  • Solutionsusing a mirrorDDP
standard backup solutions
Standard Backup Solutions
  • DDP backup is always via one of the computers or a separate computer
  • Allowinganystandardbackupsolution to beused
  • DDP drives canbebacked up usingRetrospect, PC Backup, Archiware and soon
  • Anybackup program will do
using a mirrorddp
Using a mirrorDDP
  • Both DDPs can remain synchronized
  • Mirror is done incrementally in a time interval to be set
  • Both DDPs can be used simultaneously and can function as each other’s mirror
scalable in capacity and bandwidth
Scalable in Capacity and Bandwidth
  • From DDP12D onwards each DDP can be extended with DDP16EX storage arrays
  • DDP can be delivered partly populated
  • DDP is scalable. You can extend as you grow
  • With multiple DDPs and the Workflow Manager operators see an additional DDP just as an additional local drive
thank you for your attention
Thank you for your attention

Jan de Wit

Ardis Technologies