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Olympia Parking Systems - Presentation

183.507 Team and Organisational Communication Assessment Two: Group Project

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Olympia Parking Systems - Presentation

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  1. MISSION STATEMENT To provide low maintenance, energy efficient, space saving car parking solutions for residential, commercial and public car parking areas.

  2. INTRODUCTION • Fairly new Subsidiary - approx. 2 years trading • Multi-national corporation • Number of staff in NZ - 34 • Physical Description - Automated car parking building, Administration office


  4. AREAS OF STUDY Organisational Structure Meetings and Group Processes Organisational Culture and Communication Climate External Communications


  6. OPEN PLAN ORGANISATION STRUCTURE • Creates a sense of openness when communicating • Reduces communication problems (e.g. Gatekeeping) • Maintains a good balance of upward/downward communication

  7. MANAGEMENT STYLE : THEORY Y No micro management Staff incentives and bonuses Employee retention reflects theory

  8. GROUP PROCESSES Team meetings twice a month Video conferencing; Senior management International Travel; Management meetings Email Process; inter-department communication

  9. MEETINGS Regular department/team meetings held to cover… • Latest developments being built • New internal/external technology • Keeping up with competition • Recent news or updates • Learning organisation • Encourages innovation and new technology


  11. ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECTS • Open plan office; culture of openness • Smart casual dress for all employees (including management) • Frequent face-to-face interaction between departments • Casual with a bureaucratic structure

  12. EXPECTATIONS • Roles are clearly defined • Company's values and expectations clearly communicated • KPI system/Incentive scheme • Good employee retention

  13. LEADERSHIP STYLE • Good relationship of trust • Remote/Virtual management • Clear expectations by management • Good two-way communication

  14. ROLE OF TECHNOLOGY • New company, new systems • Latest technology devices (i.e. iPhones, Webcams, iPads) • International video conferencing • Cutting edge parking systems

  15. EXTERNAL VIEW • Consistent branding throughout organisation • Clear communication of product/service • Hi-tech parking solutions


  17. COMMUNICATION CHANNELS • Website • Email • Telephone • Face-to-Face

  18. WEBSITE • E-book - Brochure • ‘Contact us’ page • Quick contact box • Latest news and information

  19. EMAIL • Accounts Team - invoices, overdue etc. • Sales Team - Contact form response, client contact • HR - Recruitment • Communication with stakeholders

  20. TELEPHONE • Sales team - sales calls, follow-up • Maintenance contractors - existing clients • Communication with stakeholders • HR Recruitment

  21. FACE-TO-FACE • Maintenance/Technical - on-site visits • Sales - New customers • HR - Recruitment interviews • Management - Dealing with stakeholders


  23. THE COMPANY • New subsidiary of a multi-national corporation • New, small company; still growing • Dedicated to technology and innovation

  24. CULTURE • Openness • Technology based • New ideas • Trust between management and staff

  25. STRUCTURE • Bureaucratic theory; hierarchical system. • Open plan office reduces common communication issues • “Theory Y’ management style

  26. INTERNAL COMMUNICATION • Largely technology based • Frequent team meetings • Good two-way communication; upward/downward

  27. EXTERNAL COMMUNICATION • Technology based; email, phone, website • Face-to-face; recruitment, sales, maintenance • Company brand and product clearly communicated

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