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Presentation Project

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  1. Word of Mouth Marketing: Red Bull By: Brandon Mole

  2. What is it? Word of mouth marketing describes a form of advertising that markets something by alluring independent parties to advertise the service, product or ideas to friends. Click Picture to Watch Video

  3. The Concept The concept would be to generate a buzz for the material. In generating the buzz, the objective is always to create enough word of mouth momentum to find the idea to spread rapidly.

  4. Cost? Driving under the influence it right, an entire product can be a recognized success with no paid marketing. Although, this is usually not the case and certainly isn’t with Red Bull.

  5. When Something Goes “Viral” A typical example of referral marketing, frequently called viral, happens involving Red Bull. Red Bull is an energy drink. When it was first introduced in Europe, rumors spread how the drink was an aphrodisiac.

  6. Did It Happen On Purpose? No one knows who started the rumors, but Red Bull became extremely popular. It then evolved in to a mixer for alcoholic drinks in nightclubs and it will be history. This is a immensely popular product and far in the popularity arose through this word of mouth process.

  7. Also think about…. A brand new, cool product, service or idea can explode a site instantaneously. Think about My Space platform, Napster, EBay etc. Many of these sites grew into giants because of word of mouth marketing, not paid marketing.

  8. Not Easy This sort of marketing can result in incredible riches. Unfortunately, it isn’t predominantly easy to accomplish. Many people are trying to do it, and that means you really need to be pushing something exceptional.

  9. Improve WOMM A simple print ad will go a long way to accomplish this goal. A solid, high quality, full color print ad can be very cost effective, and will be a sound investment in the long run. Design a print ad asking your loyal customers to spread the word about your company, and send it out. Also, ask them to respond to you about why they like your product.

  10. Revised Print Ad When your customers start responding with testimonials, keep a note of them. This way your next print ad or brochure can include these testimonials within its pages.

  11. Pull Marketing Red Bull extensively uses pull marketing. This approach involves getting consumers excited about the product and conveying this enthusiasm to their friends and family.

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