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Consumer Behavior


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Consumer Behavior

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  1. *Zahra musthafavi*class of consumer behavior february 2012*class notes based on ujangsumarwan 2011. consumer behavior: theory marketing application. (perilakukonsumen: teoridanpenerapannyadalampemasaran). PT.ghaliaindonesia*department of community nutrition*college of human ecology*department of family consumer sciences*college of human ecology*bogor agricultural university*departemenilmukeluargadankonsumen*fakultasekologimanusia*institutpertanianbogor


  3. LINGKUNGAN KONSUMEN • “The enviroment refers to all the physical and social charateristicz of a consumer’s external world, including physical object (product and stores), spatial relationship (location of stores and product in stores), and social behavior of other people (who is around and what they are doing)”. Peter dan Olson 1999 • Lingkungankonsumenterbagimenjadi 2, yaitulingkungansosialdanlingkunganfisik.

  4. Lanjutan…. • LINGKUNGAN SOSIAL adalahinteraksisosialantarakonsumendengansekelilingnya. BERDASARKAN KEDEKATAN, lingkungankonsumenterbagimenjadilingkunganmakrodanmikro.

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