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Hemroids/Hemorrhoids Information PowerPoint Presentation
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Hemroids/Hemorrhoids Information

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Hemroids/Hemorrhoids Information
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Hemroids/Hemorrhoids Information

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  1. Your source for information about hemorrhoids www.hemroidshemorrhoids.net

  2. About us Our website provides information about external and internal hemorrhoids and the various treatments available to you. Learn about latest prescription medications, ointments, suppositories, and herbal based products. Maybe your interested in learning more about the latest outpatient surgeries like the hemorrhoidectomy procedure that has been very successful in removing hemorrhoids, if so, than you have come to the right place.. www.hemroidshemorrhoids.net

  3. Unique Selling Points Fulfilling the Need for hemorroid Information We are one of the most informative websites about hemorrhoids on the internet. Hemroidshemorrhoids.net is an inexhaustible resource for hemorrhoid sufferers who want to learn about the latest treatments available to them. Hemroidshemorrhoids.net includes an articles section that compiles great information on hemorrhoid symptoms and how they are identified, so that you may treat your hemorrhoid problem correctly. Our extensive article list includes such titles as: Tips for hemroids & Pregnancy, Diet changes that are essential to help shrink hemroids , Blood in stool- what could this mean, and many more. www.hemroidshemorrhoids.net

  4. Unique Selling Points Our team has an experienced staff of health experts with an abundance of knowledge regarding hemorrhoids. With a staff of 12, we are able to answer any questions you may have about your hemorrhoid condition. Our staff understands how painful and frustrating hemorrhoids can be, that`s why we take our time and respond to every e-mail and telephone call with complete professionalism. Our staff will be more than happy to inform you about the latest treatments and surgeries available including a new popular option using laser technology, which usually results in shorter recovery times. Let us know how we can help you! www.hemroidshemorrhoids.net

  5. Unique Selling Points Starting in August 2009, we will be able to help locate physicians for patients that specialize in hemorrhoid treatments. We also set up appointments and consultations if needed. Our nationwide database will include some of the top Board Certified Proctologist specializing in rectal surgery and colorectal endoscopy. Find out about painless, non-surgical hemorrhoid treatments offered by leading Proctologists. The best part is, the service is free! www.hemroidshemorrhoids.net

  6. Contact us Advanced Health Consultants P. O. Box 530007 St. Petersburg , Florida (FL) , 33747 USA Tel#1-727-328-0859 E-mail: info@hemroidshemorrhoids.net www.hemroidshemorrhoids.net

  7. Thank You www.hemroidshemorrhoids.net