10 benefits of stopping video game addiction n.
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10 Benefits Of Stopping Video Game Addiction PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Benefits Of Stopping Video Game Addiction

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10 Benefits Of Stopping Video Game Addiction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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http://quiteverything.net/10-benefits-of-stopping-video-game-addiction - Everybody knows that video games promote violence and aggression. However, quitting them will benefit you or your child in many ways. You can learn more in this article.\n

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10 benefits of stopping video game addiction

10 Benefits

Of Stopping

Video Game


studies have shown that nearly 2 in 10 video game

Studies have shown that nearly 2 in 10 video game players show

signs of addictive behavior. Video game addiction is becoming a

wide-spread problem in the U.S., although it is not recognized as a

mental disorder by the medical community. If you have addictive

behavior towards games, and you are wondering how to quit, then

read this article here. If you are looking for good enough reasons to

quit gaming, here are ten benefits that gamers report after they’ve

stopped playing computer and video games.


Better mood

Video games have an impact on your mood; if you are addicted to

gaming, it’s very likely that you can become aggressive, depressed, or

scared while you are playing. Those mood swings can become very

strong, especially if you play violent games. Researchers have found

that video games can have a desensitizing effect on the human brain.

Once you’ve quit gaming, your brain will recover, and your mood will



Lots of free time

Excessive computer and video game use is taking all of your free

time. The average video game addict spends 30 hours a week playing

games. This equals 120 hours per month and 1440 hours per year.

Once you’ve stopped gaming, you’re going to have a lot of free time

on your hands, which you can use to pursue a career, start a business

or learn new skills. Use this time to chase real life goals, instead of

virtual ones. The feeling of accomplishing something in real life is 100

times better than beating any video game.


Weight loss

Scientists have found a link between playing video games and

obesity; they have found that “video game play in healthy male

adolescents is associated with an increased food intake.” Slower

metabolism may also be the cause of obesity throughout the gaming

community sitting on the couch for hours slows

community. Sitting on the couch for hours slows down your calorie

absorption, and you start to store fat. Once you’ve stopped playing

games, your metabolism will improve, and you will be able to lose

weight easier.


Life will become exciting again

Gaming, just like all addictions, is linked with the dopamine

production in your brain. If you tend to play for hours, your brain

produces large amounts of dopamine, the chemical which affects

your emotions, movements, and your sensations of pleasure and

pain. Excessive amounts of dopamine may leave you desensitized to

other stimuli. Playing your favorite game for a couple of hours gives

you a dopamine “boost” which makes other activities seem boring.

When you’ve quit gaming, however, your brain will adjust, and you

will start feeling joy from simple stuff like eating a meal, walking in

nature, speaking with a friend and going out.


Less brain fog

Too many hours playing video games can cause forgetfulness and

lack of focus. Studies have shown that if you spend more than 4

hours playing video games, you are more likely to have attention

problems. It is also known that gaming is one of the causes of

memory loss among teenagers. Once you’ve stopped gaming, your

brain fog will go away. If you have extreme memory loss, quitting

games will not be enough, and it is highly recommended to seek

medical attention.

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