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  1. VIDEO GAMES ADDICTION A presentation by Bilal, Peter, Malcolm and Anna Sojung Lee

  2. What Is video game addiction? Video game addiction is actually not a psychological disorder but is considered to be one. Its a problem which today's youth suffer. Playing too many video games will obviously get you addicted.

  3. Can your eyes tolerate too many video games? Your eyes cannot tolerate too many flashing lights and stuff. After 1-2 hours of staring at a screen with flashing colours and lights, your eyes are dying to have a break.

  4. Does too many video games affect your brain function? • Some believe that violent video games can affect the behaviour of the player in a bad way. • Even though some games are less violent than others, they can affect the player with the subliminal messages that is contained in the games and also the urge for the person to win. • Sometimes the person would feel a false sense danger.

  5. What type of illnesses can occur from playing too much video games? • Some of the illnesses that can be caused by video games are:Overuse injuries of the handObesityMuscle and joint problemsEyestrainPhotosensitive epileptic seizures (rarely).

  6. What Kind of Subliminal Messages are Given in Video Games? • Movies & ads have subliminal messages in them all the time. So do books. So do games! • On the D.S game Wario-Ware, when you fast-forward through one of the songs, it says something.

  7. What Kind of Subliminal Messages are Given in Video Games? • In the game Doom II, on Map 30, this a message that if played backwards it says: “To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero” • On April 20th,1999, Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold made an attack on high school in Colorado. • They killed 13 and injured 23 before committing suicide. • No one knows why they did it but police do know that the boys liked to play the game Doom, which is a very violent & bloody game.

  8. Which Age Group is Affected by Video Games & Where Do They Live? • American house holds play 72% video games out of the hole world. • The average age of most game players is 37. • Out of the whole world: 18% under 18 years. 53% 18-49 years. 29% 50+ years.

  9. What can be done to prevent health issues associated with video games? • Have breaks from the screen every so often and have a move around the room to get the blood flowing. • Sit back from the TV or computer screen • Mix up your games like if you’re playing with a controller for a ps3 then you change games and play Wii and get active • Doing those things are really important for your body. Don't stay and play games all day. Go out side and have a kick of the footy for half and hour then you can go back to your game and enjoy. Move your fingers so they wont become strained.

  10. The end thanks for watching!!!!