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Video game addiction

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Video game addiction
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Video game addiction

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  1. By Issak Tremblay Video game addiction Hope you enjoy 

  2. Advantages and Disadvantages to video games • Advantages • Gain creativity • Gain better eye hand coordination • Some video games gives kids self confidence • You get your anger out • Disadvantages • Can damage eyesight • Can make you do things you normally wouldn’t do. • Can get unfit and lazy • Lack of social life • Can get you very addicted you want to run away from home

  3. Some of the most addicting video games • Call of duty black ops 2 • World of warcraft • Halo 3 • Call of duty modern warfare 2 • Skyrim • Bike race • Grand theft auto (all of them)

  4. Why video games are so addicting • Some reasons are that there are very difficult challenges that are very hard to complete and you just have to beat it and that it can relieve stress because you just want to sit down and play a video game or that its fun to go and shoot people and actually feel like your in the army.

  5. Are there more male addicts than female ? • Some people say that there are more male addicts than female because male’s are more angry most the time and want to take it out on a video game so maybe they can feel relaxed and it’s a fact males find video games to be more addicting and men like the feeling of shooting someone or beating them so they can be the victor instead females want to do there makeup or something instead of video games 90% of American youth play video games 15% are addicted to playing video games

  6. Users talking about there addiction • "I am 14 and im a freaken parents seem to care but never try to kick me off or even try to help. i have 2 lvl 70's one that is full t6 and other full t5. thus i have no life i cant even imagine what i would do if i deleted my toons. I really want to quit but i cant. I mean this [expletive deleted] game is controlling me and i cant stop. i have almost deleted my toonsbut im afraid i'll just start up another one.“

  7. A video about video game addiction • Click below to see a video on video game addiction •

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