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Search Engine Optimization Expert, Web Marketing Services, S PowerPoint Presentation
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Search Engine Optimization Expert, Web Marketing Services, S

Search Engine Optimization Expert, Web Marketing Services, S

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Search Engine Optimization Expert, Web Marketing Services, S

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  1. Social Media For The Business Designed By GrowFastDigital (A Business Unit Of Fomax Technologies)

  2. GrowFast® is an Integrated Digital Marketing Services Provider. GrowFast® is determined to be the best and affordable Global Digital Marketing Services Provider. We continually earn recognition and trust from customers, employees, stakeholders and shareholders through our ability to deliver quality services, listen to our customers, learn from our lessons and apply innovative strategies to shape our future. Our purpose is to help our customers enhance revenues, profits and market share through our cost-effective Digital Marketing solutions and services. GrowFast® fosters meritocratic, performance and learning driven culture to attract, nurture and develop the best talents in the industry. We are an equal opportunity employer focused on the well-being of our employees' and their career growth within the Company with balanced life style for enhanced performance! Designed By GrowFastDigital

  3. Before theInternet, "we used togather toshare ourpassions Designed By GrowFastDigital

  4. Early internet included message boards and chat rooms Designed By GrowFastDigital

  5. Now, Social Media is… Designed By GrowFastDigital

  6. PAID Internet Advertising PPC – Search Marketing Mobile Advertising Sponsorships Paid Applications

  7. PAID EARNED Internet Advertising Social Media (Pages and Feeds) PPC – Search Marketing Word of Mouth Mobile Advertising User Forums Sponsorships News, PR, Announcements Paid Applications Blogger Relationships

  8. PAID EARNED OWNED Internet Advertising Social Media (Pages and Feeds) Brand & Product Websites Mobile Brand & Product Websites PPC – Search Marketing Word of Mouth Proprietary Mobile Applications Mobile Advertising User Forums Customer Care Services Sponsorships News, PR, Announcements Proprietary Digital Content Paid Applications Blogger Relationships Proprietary Blogs

  9. One message BEFORE Social Media… Designed By GrowFastDigital

  10. Designed By GrowFastDigital

  11. One message AFTER Social Media… Designed By GrowFastDigital

  12. The Message is distributed across Social Media channels… Designed By GrowFastDigital

  13. Designed By GrowFastDigital

  14. We have reach like never before… Designed By GrowFastDigital …Where Businesses can embrace their customers…

  15. How can a BUSINESS Implement a Social Media Strategy? Designed By GrowFastDigital

  16. Establish Goals • Listen • Build • Engage • Analyze & Optimize Designed By GrowFastDigital

  17. Establish Goals WRITE DOWN Specific Business Goals and Objectives Designed By GrowFastDigital

  18. Listen Learn about your audience: Who/Where are they? What is their personality like? How/Where do they consume? How/Where do they engage?

  19. Build Choose your channels Wisely (there are many!) Designed By GrowFastDigital

  20. Engage Make sure you comment on today’s blog post What are your thoughts on our newest product? Likes/Dislikes? Thanks for reaching out! How can we help you today? Ask Questions Designed By GrowFastDigital

  21. Choose The Right Team To Engage Passion is a must!! Designed By GrowFastDigital

  22. Participate Timeliness and Frequency Create a solid! content plan and stick with it Designed By GrowFastDigital

  23. Transparency Let your customers in to show your humanityConnect Be the conduit between your audience and valuable content and resources!RelevanceBefore you link to content, make sure it is relevant and adds value to your audience…and NEVER SPAM Designed By GrowFastDigital

  24. Analyze & Optimize FaceBook Active Worldwide Users X 500,000,000+ 45,000,000,000 Pieces of content shared per month 1,500,000 Local businesses with active Facebook pages Creating more than 5,300,000,000 fans Twitter 156,000,000+ registered users 5.4 Billion+ updates per month 31% of users follow a brand 7,800,000+ brand recommendations per month Designed By GrowFastDigital

  25. Social Media Measurement YOU CAN MEASURE: Reach Frequency and Traffic Influence Conversations and Transactions Sustainability Sentiment WITH TOOLS LIKE: Alexa Blogpulse Compete InsideFacebook Quantcast Social Mention Technorati Twittermeter YouTube " Insight Designed By GrowFastDigital

  26. “Realize that the social media successequation isn’t big moves on the chessboard, it’s little moves made "every day that eventually "add up to a major shift.” Designed By GrowFastDigital

  27. Thank You! Make sure we connect: Designed By GrowFastDigital

  28. Designed By GrowFastDigital (A Business Unit Of Fomax Technologies) 172, 9th Main, 7th Sector, HSR Layout Bangalore -560102 Karnataka India +91-80-25720700