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Endangered Animals

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Endangered Animals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Endangered Animals. Created by: Emma L. This is an Axolotl. Animals need help; endangered animals need help with eight extinct animal species this century. Endangered specimens don't have to be beautiful to be worth saving. . This is a Pink Fairy Armadillo.

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endangered animals

Endangered Animals

Created by:

Emma L.


This is an Axolotl

Animals need help; endangered animals need help with eight extinct animal species this century. Endangered specimens don't have to be beautiful to be worth saving.


This is a Pink Fairy Armadillo

A way to help endangered species is to learn about them. Then you can understand how to help the animal better. This will help to make more people aware.


This is a



If people are aware of our predicament (being that when all the endangered animals go extinct our world will be turned upside down) they will change their actions-saving the endangered species. All of this could save our world, save our critters that make our world go round.


This is a



If any animal species goes extinct it can affect the whole world throwing off the whole balance . No matter what the critter looks like they need help, and play a big part in our world balancing it and preserving like only an animal can!


This is an



What can you do? Get the word out! If people know about our cause, they can change their habits , change their habits for the greater good. When the whole world is in on saving the endangered species we will be saved. There are about 7,003,263,478 people in the world and when we work together we can accomplish great things.


This is a




When you learn about endangered species you can better help them. Ask yourself do you know what are the most common ways that an animal species becomes extinct? Commercial hunting or fishing, poaching, black market, loss of habitat, humans coming into the habitat and spreading debris or trash, pollution, the introduction of nonnative species, virus or disease, and climate change are only a few of the ways that an animal species can become endangered. Know this to save them.


Above is an Pyrenean Ibex, they were tried to be brought back from cloning. It failed. Scientists said that this could save the endangered animals and bring them back. Do you want all of our animals to be clones? Save the animals now and they won’t have to be.


This is an Pyrenean


The Pyrenean Ibex-which has a sad and interesting story among the extinct animals since it was the first to be brought back from cloning only to die seven minutes later due to lung failure. The Pyrenean Ibex was native to a mountain range in Andorra, France, and Spain-the Pyrenees. In the Pyrenees this animal was abundant in the fourteenth century but then declined due to a “slow but continuous persecution”. The Pyrenean Ibex disappeared from the French Pyrenees and the eastern Cantabrian mountain range by the middle of the nineteenth century. Its existence became more critical since the beginning of the 20th century, it was then estimated that the Pyrenean population in Spain was only about 100 individuals. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the population never rose above 40! In 1981, the population was 30, at the end of the 1980’s the population size was estimated at 6-14 animals left. The last naturally-born Pyrenean Ibex-Celia-died on January 6th, 2000, after being found dead under a fallen tree at the age of 13, Celia’s only companion had died just a year earlier due to old age. And all this because we had to hunt these poor animals to extinction, not all of the species are not the most beautiful critters but, they do deserve life.


Holdridge's Toad

Hawaiian Crow

Baiji Dolphin


Honduran Ghost Bat

Endangered animals will someday disappear if we don’t act. If we don’t act all of our animals will be clones. All of our animals will be gone. Endangered animals make the world go round, they create balance in our ecosystem. Without them our world will be turned upside down. So act now, act so that our animals aren’t clones , act so that we can live in a world that is right side up.


Next time think before you throw away, think before you waste, think before you buy, think about how this affects others, the ones that will keep our world right side up.