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Endangered Animals

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Endangered Animals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Endangered Animals. by: Miranda Thomas, Harlie Bigham , Kaylee Gainer. African Serval. Body Length (mm)-670-1000 Weight (kg)-9-13 (average)

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endangered animals

Endangered Animals

by: Miranda Thomas, HarlieBigham, Kaylee Gainer

african serval
African Serval

Body Length (mm)-670-1000 Weight (kg)-9-13 (average)

Litter Size-3 (average) Life Span-19 years. The habitat ranges from dry open plain grasslands through woodlands savannah. Its prey is small mammals, birds, fish and snakes.


eastern screech owl
Eastern Screech Owl

They have camouflage that helps sneak up on prey. If we had eyes as big as them we would have eyes as big as our head! They are 9” tall and their prey is mice and other small mammals.

Miranda Thomas

three banded armadillo
Three-Banded Armadillo

There are only a few types of armadillo that can roll up in a ball all the way. They are one of them. They live in grasslands or in marshy areas. They are hunted for its range of meat. They have flexible bands of skin. There head to body length is 21. 8-273 cm. They are native to South America and they are neared threatened. They are insectivores so they eat insects. There life span is 7-15 years.

Kaylee Gainer