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Endangered Animals

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Endangered Animals
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Endangered Animals

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  1. Endangered Animals By: Kimberly Soto Guillen December 5, 2011

  2. Table Of Contents • Introduction • Summary • What are endangered animals? • The Tasmanian Tiger • The Top Ten Most Endangered Animals • Why Are They Endangered? • What can we do to help? • In My Community • The End

  3. Introduction This presentation is important because not only does it affect the animals but us as well. I have included important questions, reasons, and facts about endangered animals. So PLEASE PAY ATTENTION.

  4. Summary • I’ve been researching about animals for a long time and found good information and learn things that you can’t believethey can do but sadly, a lot of them are extinct. That’s what this is about. It’s so people can save the animals that we care about because once they are gone, they’re gone forever. Don’t worry, we can still save the animals that we have right now.

  5. What Are Endangered Animals? • Endangered animals are animals that as a low population and is in danger to the point of extinction. Once they become extinct, they can no longer be found anywhere around the world. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

  6. The Tasmanian Tiger • The Tasmanian tigers use to live around Australia around 3,000 years ago. The last Tasmanian Tiger died 75 years ago, in 1936. They were killed to extinction. However, over the years many people have reported sightings of this animal all around Australia. The first few pictures were poor because of the old cameras until a German tourist, Klaus Emmerichs took a pictures of one with a digital camera in 2005, in St Clair National Park. Since then there has been rewards for a capture.

  7. The Top Ten Most Endangered Animals The top ten most endangered animals are 1.Black Rhino 2.Giant Panda 3.Tiger 4.Beluga Sturgeon 5.Goldseal 6.Alligator Snapping Turtle 7.Hawksbill Turtle 8.Big Leaf Mahogany 9.Green-Cheeked Parrot 10.Mako Shark

  8. Why Are They Endangered? • The animals on the picture are endangered because of five reasons, Destruction of habitat, pollution, hunting, fishing, exotic species, natural disaster, and weird weather. • Most of them are cause by human actions.

  9. WhatCan We Do To Help? There are seven ways that we can help endangered animals. We can help them by conserving habitats, making space for our wildlife, recycle, reduce, reuse, control non-native animals, join an organization that helps endangered animals, and make your voice be heard.

  10. In My Community In my community people are helping by donating to WWF (WorldWildlifeFund), they help save animals and their natural habitats. And save energy by reuse, reduce, recycle, and rebuy. Did you know by saving a can of soda, you get energy that last three hours for the T.V.

  11. The End Hope you enjoyed it.