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  1. Environment Depot Canada EDC Acti-Zyme Agricultural & Municipal Wastewater Treatment P.O. Box 20105 Kensington Post Office Medicine Hat, AB, T1A 8M4 Canada Enquiries. Bill Powell (250) 442-2700, Sales Manager Jay Lundy (403) 580-1337, President

  2. Acti-Zyme • Is an extremely potent bacteria/enzyme complex. • It will reduce sludge, odour, and biochemical oxygen • demand (BOD), an indicator of wastewater quality, in • effluent water. • It will provide beneficial by-products in waste • remediation systems containing organic matter.

  3. Acti-Zyme • It will increase the capacity of an existing system • eliminating the need for costly facility expansion, or • manual removal. • It will not harm pipes, fixtures, or surfaces in any • setting. • Due to its bio-catalytic nature the rate (and ease) at • which the bacteria are able to decompose the • organic matter increases, so the product continues • functioning between applications.

  4. Riverview Colony’s secondary lagoon in Chester, Mt, USA, who have a 100 cow dairy, along with a large hog & chickens operation. They are long time users of Acti-Zyme.

  5. Acti-Zyme • Contains 99% active ingredients which are composed • primarily of bacteria, enzymes, and neutralizers. • The products are non-caustic, non-toxic, and non- • chemical, and are composed of all-natural ingredients. • The products can produce a minimum of two billion • bacteria colonies per gram in a 48 hour period in lab • testing.

  6. Acti-Zyme • All bacteria and enzymes are USDA approved, and are • tested Salmonella and E.coli free. • The bacteria cultures contained in these products are • non-pathogenic. • Contains bacteria able to multiply in the presence of • oxygen (aerobic), and those able to multiply without • oxygen (anaerobic), enabling the product to function at • all levels within a lagoon system regardless of depth. • The bacteria strains selected are ideally suited to thrive • in sewage and wastewater treatment facilities.

  7. Acti-Zyme • Using Acti-Zyme, organic waste is converted into • four main components: • - Nitrogen • - Water • - Clean methane gas • - Micro-nutrients

  8. The Garden Plain Colony’s bubbling primary lagoon. A 550 sow hog operation in southern SK, Canada. Users of Acti-Zyme for 10 years.

  9. Acti-Zyme Beneficial by-products and complimentary action obtainable through Acti-Zyme’s use: • Clean methane for use in bio-gas is created by the • reduction/elimination of hydrogen sulphide gas. • High quality micro-nutrient fertilizer (which is easily • absorbed by plants) is created from the decomposed • sludge. • Greatly reduces odours associated with wastewater. • Creates recycled non-potable water for use in irrigation, etc.

  10. Covered lagoon for methane gas extraction at a “Land of the Lakes” 8000 cow dairy in Tulare Ca, USA. 6-Cat engines are run for power with excess electricity sold back into the grid.

  11. Acti-Zyme • Decreases pollution to waterways resulting from • reduced BOD levels. • Due to anaerobic action, the bacteria cultures seed, • and incubate, in pipes/lines underground to reduce • sludge build-up down the line. • Reduces the populations of harmful bacteria found • in waste systems. • Neutralizes the pH value of the discharge water, • helping to reduce or eliminate soil salinity issues • when used for irrigation purposes.

  12. The OK Colony’s lagoon had 7-8 feet of solid sludge build up in April 2008. This picture, taken in May 2009, shows the results after using Acti-Zyme for one year. Magrath AB, Canada.

  13. International Customers Switzerland France Italy Spain England

  14. Acti-Zyme • Acti-Zyme is used by many customers and communities • both within Canada and internationally to treat their • wastewater. • Used for wastewater treatment and septic systems in: • Municipal (both lagoons and digesters) • Agricultural i.e. cattle, hog • Juice/food processing • Commercial i.e. restaurants, abattoirs, hotels, camps • Institutions i.e. hospitals, schools, etc. • Residential

  15. Acti-Zyme This is the testimonial from a large livestock producer in Southern Saskatchewan, dated November 4, 2008. “Before we used Acti-Zyme we had to use four agitators to mix the solids up enough to be able to pump them out of the lagoon. After one year of using Acti-Zyme we only had to use one agitator to do the same job. We have used this product for about 13 years and have never had to clean out or agitate our primary lagoon. We use all the liquid for fertilizer and have never had a soil problem. In fact, on the land where we used the Acti-Zyme treated manure, our yields were approximately eighteen bushels more than fields treated with commercial fertilizer. Four years after use we could still see better yields.”

  16. Acti-Zyme • Lab results from the Town of Outlook, SK. Canada • Analysis report from a lagoon discharge sample • taken in April of 2007, and a final effluent sample • taken in September of 2007. • BOD level decreased from 16.6 to <2 mg/L • MPN total coliform decreased from 2014 to 323 • orgs/100ml • MPN E.coli decreased from 644 to <10 orgs/10ml

  17. Acti-Zyme • Acti-Zyme requires weekly applications in most situations. • Applications must be made on a regular and consistent • basis. • Many factors influence dosage rates such as, the effluent • retention time in lagoons, the severity of the sludge • build-up, chemical loads in the wastewater, and the • effluent/water ratio, just to name a few. • - Chronic effluent problems need to be dosed at much • higher rates than maintenance programs, until such • time that acceptable water quality is achieved.

  18. Acti-Zyme • An Indication of Costs/Dose Rates for Dairies. • Initially to clean up heavy sludge loads • 3 lbs/milking cow/year is recommended, which • equals $0.14/milking cow/day. • On a maintenance program, the recommended dosage • is 1-1.5 lbs/milking cow/year, or $0.05-0.07/day. • - These estimated dose rates take into consideration • replacement heifers, and dry cows.

  19. Acti-Zyme • An Indication of Costs/Dose Rates for Hog Operations • - To clean up heavy sludge loads, initially a dose rate of • 1.5 lbs/sow unit/year is recommended. • This equals $0.07/sow unit/day. • On a maintenance program, a dose rate of • 0.75 lbs/sow unit/year is recommended. This equals • $0.035/sow unit/day. • These dose rates are based on a farrow to finish • operation.

  20. Acti-Zyme • Water management, including wastewater treatment, • are rapidly becoming critical issues world-wide. • Using Acti-Zyme products provide a simple, all-natural, • and cost effective way to treat wastewater, at a time • when governments and industries alike are looking • for ways to lessen man’s footprint on the environment.