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EDC Client Installer PowerPoint Presentation
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EDC Client Installer

EDC Client Installer

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EDC Client Installer

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  1. EDC Client Installer What is the ClientInstaller? • An installation program which installs the EDC Client software on a workstation, for a client of your record center, with the data of your client. • Installs the full version of EDC Client software with electronic document management capability. • The EDC Client software is connected to your record center, so clients can place orders online, and manage their offsite inventory, in addition to internal electronic documents (Word, Excel, email, etc…) and paper records. • This allows your client to evaluate the EDC client software with their data, using live operations for 30 days without any obligations.

  2. EDC Client Installer What you need as a Record Center • The Replication service must be active at your record center using the EdcRpc.EXE process. The EDC RC technical guide explains how to configure the replication. • The service must be accessible from the Internet. Your router and firewall must be properly configured. To avoid firewall issues at your customer site, your service should be accessible on port 80, which is the same port used by the standard http protocol. • A CD/DVD writer, USB key, FTP site, or other mechanism to provide the software and data to your client. • A client installation package (ZIP archive) that matches the version of your EDC RC software.

  3. EDC Client Installer What your client needs • A workstation operating with Microsoft Windows 2000 or later. • From the workstation it must be possible to access the Internet. If an external web page can be opened on the workstation, the connectivity requirements are met. • An account with administrative rights on the workstation during the installation of the EDC client software.

  4. EDC Client Installer Preparing to use the ClientInstaller • Obtain a client installation package from DocuData that is compatible with the client database level of your record center software. The client database of your RC software can be viewed from the Help | Resources menu of the main module of EDC. For example, in this case, it is 1030. For example, this RC database, is compatible with a client installation package named, (notice the 1030 level in the file name)

  5. EDC Client Installer Preparing to use the ClientInstaller (continued) • Configure in the System Information module the path where the client installation package is located. • Obtain the ClientInstaller.EXE program from DocuData, if it is not already located in the same folder as the Docu32.EXE executable.

  6. EDC Client Installer Preparing the client installation • From the Customer module of EDC, locate the client for which you want to create an installation package. • From the File menu, select “Prepare Client Installation” • You will be requested to select an empty folder where the installation package will be created. • The content of the installation package will have the following files and folders: • The content of the client installation folder can be burnt on a CD/DVD, transferred to a USB key/drive, made available on an FTP site, etc…

  7. EDC Client Installer Performing the installation on the Client workstation • Make sure the current user has administrative rights on the workstation where EDC client software will be installed, and a working connection to the Internet. • Execute the ClientInstaller.EXE program. Follow the steps of the installation wizard.