by billy and louisa n.
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Film Ideas Pitch

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Film Ideas Pitch - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Billy and Louisa. Film Ideas Pitch. Idea 1. Title: Pending Approval Genre: Drama/Comedy

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idea 1
Idea 1
  • Title: Pending Approval
  • Genre: Drama/Comedy
  • Plot Summary: A man in his mid 40’s, divorced, with grown up kids who want nothing more to do with him. On his search to find someone new, he signs up to Facebookwith the hopes of meeting new people. What he ends up finding is more than he could have imagined.
the opening
The Opening
  • Shows the man sat at his computer signing up to facebook and going through all the basic procedures e.g taking a profile picture, status updates, trying to add his kids etc, as well as adding random women from the local area.
idea 2
Idea 2
  • Title: Omerta
  • Genre: Crime/Action
  • Plot Summary: Drug lord Oliver Harte runs a high profile, mafia-like gang that controls London’s crime scene. But when a member betrays them and helps a rival gang blow up Harte’s estate, killing him in the process, the remaining members must come together to get revenge. When a huge turf war erupts across London its not just each other they will be fighting, but the police as well, and each side is willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top.
the opening1
The Opening…

Set in an empty car park, two gang members are sat in a car discussing who Oliver Harte is, what the gang is about,and the job their on. While this is happening, the scene is broken up with flashes of the Harteputting on his suite in a dark office.

A man appears walking past the car and the two menjump him. Fades to black and comes back to show the 3 men sat in front of Harte in the office.

idea 3
Idea 3
  • Title: Blackout
  • Genre: Horror
  • Plot Summary: When a series of murders are carried out in a mans local area, he never considers for one second that he could be more involved than he realises. When he does work out that he is subconsciously behind the murders (caused by blackouts) he has to work out why it happens and put an end to it.
the opening2
The Opening
  • The scene opens showing a girl walking to her car with shopping. The murderer is waiting in the shadows for the right moment when no one is around. Realizing she is being followed, the girl starts to run away. A chase scene breaks out resulting in her being cornered. The screen then blacks out before we see any detail and cuts to when he wakes up in bed as though nothing has happened.