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Pitch Film Trailer. Genre – Horror

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Genre – Horror

Horror Films are used to scare and panic audiences whilst entertaining and attracting viewers at the same time. The aim of a horror film is to point out the darker and prohibited side of life that isn’t shown in other types of films. They use our fears against us to provoke fear and vulnerability.


A girl is left home alone whilst her parents are on holiday. What she thought would be a stress free and fun weekend without her parent, turns out to be full of bloodshed, terror and murder. Instead of a simple teenage dream, it is a nightmare from hell. A masked murderer is on the loose and uses the girl as his prey for the weekend, to torment her till the end...

target audience
Target audience

My target audience will have a range of ages, varying from 18 to 25. I have chosen this age group because from my knowledge people with in this age group are most likely to watch horror films.

The majority of our target audience will be from the demographic classification class E, as they will be students, as well as class D/C such as builder and plumbers who want to life up to the stereotype of manly men who aren’t afraid of anything.

The gender of my target audience is going to aim at both men and women, this is due male gender preferring the horror genre and enjoying the scare factor. It also appeals to females at the same time as the film is focus mainly on the females and the bitchiness in school. As well as challenging the typical horror conventions by having a female killer, this will attract women as they believe if this woman can over come things and triumphs then so can they.



  • Teenage girl
  • subtle make-up
  • innocuous clothing
  • Mask killer
  • Dressed all in black
  • Knife in hand
  • White mask
  • No skin showing
title ideas
Title Ideas

Home Alone

The Weekend From Hell

What Was Once Good

The White House

Where’s My Mummy?

The Masked Murderer

This Weekends Prey

tag line ideas
Tag Line Ideas

‘When your worst fears come to life…’

‘Let’s stay at home tonight…’

‘Ever feel like someone’s watching you?’ adapted to ‘Ever feel like you’re not alone?’

‘You won’t want to be alone…’

‘When home doesn’t look like home anymore…’


The White House, Beaumont Road, EN10





Chilcott House, Brookfield Lane West, EN8

Dining room


mise en scene

Rocking blade knife

Bread knife

Black hoodie

2 white masks

Blood capsules



Neutral inoffensive clothing

Mobile food


  • The main sponsor of our movie is going to be the clothing company attitude clothing co. Due to the fact that we target the same audience, therefore by both of us advertising we will be attracting publicity and revenue for each other. This is because the company will be the only place you can buy our merchandised T-shirts and hoodies, meaning we will be send people their way, and due to them advertising us on their page and in their stores they will be encouraging people to watch our film.

Some of the deals that have been made between attitude and us are as follows:

  • Every one in ten DVD’s that we sell, they will receive a 10% discount voucher to spend online at Attitude Clothing Co.
  • Attitude Clothing Co. will be the only place able to sell our merchandise
This is an example of a template sample for a different horror film.

Instead of a hand we’d have a giant picture of the mask and title above or underneath.

Also hoodies, mugs, key rings will be produced, along with the copies of the white masks.


The Branding for my film will be the mask, and as soon as people see a white mask they will automatically think of my film.

(Just like the scream films)

  • Bill Boards
  • Buses ad bus stops
  • In cinema (trailer and poster)
  • Televisions
  • Block buster
  • Facebook/ twitter