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The Forty Book Challenge

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The Forty Book Challenge - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Forty Book Challenge. “Failure is not an option, so why talk about it?” - Donalyn Miller , The Book Whisperer. By Wendy Wardell. You Want Me To What?. You will read forty books this year. This includes books that we read together for class.

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the forty book challenge

The Forty Book Challenge

“Failure is not an option, so why talk about it?”

-Donalyn Miller, The Book Whisperer

By Wendy Wardell

you want me to what
You Want Me To What?

You will read forty books this year. This includes books that we read together for class.

You will read from a variety of genres in order to explore books you might not ordinarily read and to develop an understanding of literary elements, text features, and text structures.

the expectation
The Expectation

Poetry Anthologies / collections: 3

Mythology, Folktales, and Legends: 5

Realistic fiction: 2

Historical fiction: 5

Fantasy: 4

Science fiction / Dystopian Society: 2

Mystery / Action Adventure: 4

Informational: 4

Biography, Autobiography, Memoir: 2

Personal-choice chapter books: 9

something really important to remember
Something really important to remember…
  • Any book you read that is over 300pages will count for two books.
outline of expectations
Outline of Expectations


Read 3 Anthologies or Novels

  • Shortened form of writing
  • Has figurative language (similes, metephors, personnification) The author’sexpression of feelings and opinions
  • May follow a form or structure but does not have to


mythology folktales or legends 5
Mythology, Folktales, or Legends: 5
  • Stories passed down for generations
  • Original stories usually passed down orally
  • Myths, legends, folk tales, fairy tales, nursery rhymes
  • Unknown origin
realistic fiction 2
Realistic fiction: 2
  • Characters are every day people doing every day things.
  • Setting is a modern-day realistic place.
  • Plot consists of realistic events.
  • May highlight social issues.
historical fiction 5
Historical fiction: 5
  • Takes place in the past (forty years before now is considered historical)
  • Plot (storyline) contains historical events
  • Characters may be historical figures
fantasy 4
Fantasy: 4
  • Contains unrealistic or unworldly elements
  • Characters may have magical powers in addition to human qualities
  • Theme is often focused on good versus evil
science fiction dystopian societies 2
Science fiction / Dystopian Societies: 2
  • Fantasy that involves or is based on scientific principles
  • Often set in the future
mystery action adventure 2
Mystery / Action Adventure: 2
  • Involves something unknown
  • Centered around person investigating wrongdoing or obtaining secret information
informational 4
Informational: 4
  • Provides information on a topic
  • Nonfiction
  • Organized into sections or categories
  • No characters or settings
biography autobiography memoir 2
Biography, Autobiography, Memoir: 2
  • Biography –Story of someone’s life written by someone else
  • Autobiography –Story of someone’s life written by his/herself
  • Memoir –a short account of the author’s experiences written by him/herself
personal choice chapter books 9
Personal-choice chapter books: 9
  • Just read what you love!
how do i keep track of all these books
How do I keep Track of all these books?

Book Review Slip for bulletin board

Reading Tracker