the forty thieves n.
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The Forty Thieves

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The Forty Thieves. By: Trevor, Kotaro, Sebastian, and Davit. Characters.

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The Forty Thieves

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the forty thieves

The Forty Thieves

By: Trevor, Kotaro, Sebastian, and Davit


Ali Baba- He is the main character and very poor and friendly.Cassim- He is Ali Baba's brother and is very greedy and selfish.Morgiana- She is Ali Baba's slave and very clever and quick-thinking. Captain of the Thieves and the Forty Thieves- They are very short-sided and tough


The story takes place in Persia (modern day Iran) in the early 1900s.


Ali Baba watched a group of Forty Thieves open a rock, that became a cave.Out of curiosity, Ali Baba entered the cave.Inside, he found the thieves riches.Ali Baba told his brother, Cassim, about the cave. Out of greed, Cassim snuck into the cave before sunrise to steal the treasure, but he couldn't get out.The Forty Thieves found Cassim in the cave, and killed him. The Thieves knew that someone else must know about the cave. While snooping around in the city, the thieves found out that it was Ali Baba. The Forty Thieves were furious.The next day, the captain of the thieves, disguised as an oil merchant, took forty jars with the thieves in them, to Ali Baba's house. Ali Baba's servant, Morgiana, outwitted the thieves and killed them.The fake oil merchant (the captain of the thieves) got away safely. The captain of the thieves came back the next day, and was outsmarted again, and stabbed in the heart by Morgiana. After making sure the thieves and the captain was dead,Ali Baba went back to the cave and took all the riches. Ali Baba and his family became the richest people in the village.


The theme is "Greed will always bring unhappiness."