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Phytochromes - R/FR photoreceptors

Phytochromes - R/FR photoreceptors. Pr. Pfr. Pfr. at equilibrium: d [P fr ]/ d t = 0 = k 1 λ [P r ] - k 2 λ [P fr ] [P fr ]/[P tot ] = ϕ = k 1 λ / ( k 1 λ + k 2 λ ). R. ϕ = 0.85. k 2, 660 nm. k 1, 660 nm. Pfr. Phytochromes - R/FR photoreceptors. Pr. Pr. ϕ = 0.03. FR.

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Phytochromes - R/FR photoreceptors

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  1. Phytochromes - R/FR photoreceptors Pr Pfr Pfr at equilibrium: d[Pfr]/dt = 0 = k1λ[Pr] - k2λ[Pfr] [Pfr]/[Ptot] = ϕ = k1λ / (k1λ + k2λ) R ϕ = 0.85 k2, 660 nm k1, 660 nm

  2. Pfr Phytochromes - R/FR photoreceptors Pr Pr ϕ = 0.03 FR k2, 720 nm k1, 720 nm Yet: phyA exhibits strongest effect (growth inhibition) in FR

  3. Distribution of the position of the maximum in the action spectrum

  4. How to construct a far-red light receptor from a red light receptor Slightly extended network X Y Z ∅ ∅ ∅ Low fluence rates High fluence rates I II

  5. Realization in planta Different compartments Binding of FHY1 Pnr Pnfr Cnfr Pr Pfr k1 k2 k1 k2 k2 k1

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