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DESIGN PROJECT 2: Cell Phone Tower in Chad, Africa PowerPoint Presentation
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DESIGN PROJECT 2: Cell Phone Tower in Chad, Africa

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DESIGN PROJECT 2: Cell Phone Tower in Chad, Africa - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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DESIGN PROJECT 2: Cell Phone Tower in Chad, Africa. Engineering Design 100 Section 016 Team 7. By: Joel Shulman Chad Rosenzweig Devin Sheldon Christian Haefner. CHAD. Population: roughly 8,598,000 people Size: 495,755 square miles

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Presentation Transcript

DESIGN PROJECT 2: Cell Phone Tower in Chad, Africa

Engineering Design 100

Section 016

Team 7

By: Joel Shulman

Chad Rosenzweig

Devin Sheldon

Christian Haefner

  • Population: roughly 8,598,000 people
  • Size: 495,755 square miles
  • Desert climate in the north, temperate climate in the south
  • Capital city: N’Djamena
  • Population Density
    • South – 150 people per square mile
    • North – less than 1 person per square mile
  • For our project, we needed to develop a design for an alternate energy source that could generate power for a telecom cell phone tower and a diesel generator system, and sodium metal halide battery while maintaining a reusable energy sourcethat is environmentally friendly. We decided that using solar power was the most optimal alternative energy source to complete this objective.
  • In the past couple of years, cell phone usage has grown exponentially in almost all parts of the world. However, some undeveloped countries don’t have the means to power necessary cell towers. The General Electric Corporation asks engineering students to develop effective solutions to these problems, keeping in mind the effects on the environments.
customer needs
Customer Needs
  • constant flow of 1.2 Kilowatts of power supplied to the cell phone tower
  • Sustainable alternate energy source
  • Environmentally friendly system and set up
  • Cost and energy efficient design
design task
Design Task


Design a phone tower and hut that uses sustainable energy sources (e.g., solar panels, a small wind turbine, geothermal, etc.), a diesel generator system, and sodium metal halide (NaMx) battery to optimize green power used to run the station. The system should optimize available power in areas with either no/unreliable energy. The design should be feasible and use minimal resources and be reusable across developing regions.

Mission Statement

The cell phone tower will run completely off of renewable energy and will have a backup diesel generator to power it if the renewable energy stored in the battery is depleted. The hut will shelter all of the equipment from any possible weather abuse.

design task cont
Design Task (cont.)
  • Customer Needs Assessment: Our team is doing Project 2 on the country of Chad in Africa. This region of Africa has desert-like climate and terrain, with some fertile land. Chad’s economy is highly based on agriculture, oil, and foreign assistance. All in all, using solar power to power the cell phone tower in Chad will greatly benefit this already growing economic African country.
  • Design Specifications: Our team’s design will take advantage of the climate in Chad being mostly sunny. The solar panels will be able to properly power the country’s cell towers. This will increase the productivity of the country to boost its already growing economy.
alternate energy sources
Alternate Energy Sources?

Water Power

This proved to be less then optimal for multiple reasons. In Chad there is no a surplus of

running water. There is, however, Lake Chad, which unfortunately has been gradually shrinking overtime

due to drought. Another issue is that this lake is located on the western side of the

country which limits where this cell phone tower can be built.

Wind Power

Due to research for wind statistics in Chad, it would prove to be ineffective to build Wind

Turbines as an optimal energy source. There is just not a sufficient enough amount of wind to

generate the minimal amount of power that is need to run the cell tower.

Solar Power

This proved to be the most optimal type of alternate energy to provide the power

needed to run the cell tower. The length of the day and amount of sun per year prove to

provide the solar panels with more then enough sunlight. Another important aspect is

due to how power is generated, there is no limitations of where these solar panels can

be built.

our solar panel
Our Solar Panel
  • 3 kilowatt-hour solar panel (2) (9.3ft by 9.3ft)
  • GE Durathon Battery

- 20kw

cost analysis list of components
Cost Analysis: List of Components
  • Cell Tower
  • Hut
    • Controlling equipment
    • Cooling and Heating equipment
  • 3 kw Solar Panel
  • Backup Biodiesel Generator
  • Inverter
  • GE Battery
  • Initial
    • Construction of Cell tower, hut, and inverter-$150,000
  • Maintenance- $12,000/yr
    • 1000/month

Diesel fuel- $160,000

    • $3.61/gal X 3gal/day X 365 days X 40 years
  • Salvage Value- $3,000
    • Resale of used metals, low payback
  • Generator- $2,000
    • 3kw generator
cash flow diagram


A1= $ 100,000/yr

0 yrs

40 yrs

A2= $ 12,000/yr

Cash Flow Diagram








NPV= -175,000+ 100,000(1+.15)^(40)-1/(.15(1+.15)^40) +3,000(0.004)

=-175,000 + 664,178 + 12

= $489,190

sources used
Sources Used