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Building a New Nation

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Building a New Nation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Building a New Nation

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  1. Building a New Nation Project overview

  2. Step 1 • You and your partner will pick one of the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence. Your final project will be a poster created on Glogster. (

  3. Step 2: • Research what colony your signer was representing in the Continental Congress. You will include what region the colony was in, its society, politics, economic activity, religion, the purpose for that regions settlement, and two interesting facts. You must include visual representations and pictures.

  4. Step 3: • State whether or not the signer was at first, for or against signing the D.O.I. Tell why he felt the way he did. (Pay attention to the John Adams clip we watch in class, it will help your research!)

  5. Step 4: • What happened to the signer because of his decision to sign the D.O.I. (or did anything happen to him) Include a list of their accomplishments (ex: did they become president?) How did the person die? Include pictures, quotes, and other interesting facts you find about your signer.

  6. Step 5: • Why is the American Revolution and Declaration of Independence important to us today? (Ex: Have any other countries used our Declaration of Independence as an outline for their own? )What would our lives be like if we never fought the American Revolution?

  7. Step 6: • Present your final project to the class. Both partners need to participate in the presentation.

  8. Wall Wisher Go to • You and your partner BOTH need to request to join my wall. • While we are working on the project you and your partner must post at least three times on wall wisher. • You post can be a question, or an answer to a classmates question. You can also give your classmates tips or ideas for their project.

  9. Rubric For Project

  10. Reflection • The project reflection should be done on your own. After you finish your glog get a copy of 56 Great Risk Takers from me. You will read this article from the Boston Globe. After reading the article and listening to your classmates presentations, answer this question: Would you have signed the Declaration of Independence? Why or why not?