singapore s national sustainable development strategy n.
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Singapore’s National sustainable development strategy PowerPoint Presentation
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Singapore’s National sustainable development strategy

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Singapore’s National sustainable development strategy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Singapore’s National sustainable development strategy
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  1. Singapore’s National sustainable development strategy Workshop on Strengthening Planning & Implementation Capacities for Sustainable Development in Post-Rio+20 Context Incheon, Republic of Korea 14-16 November

  2. Agenda Developing the Strategy The Sustainable Singapore Blueprint (SSB) Implementing the SSB

  3. Developing the Strategy • Whole of Government Approach • Setting up of Ministerial Committee • Inter-agency involvement from the start for greater alignment and coherence in national strategy • Involvement of technical implementation agencies • Building on Existing Efforts • Detailed Masterplans developed by respective agencies (e.g. Land Transport Masterplan, National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan) • Enhancing inter-agency platforms • Public Consultation • More than 700 people participated in FGDs, public forums, dialogue sessions • 1,300 suggestions via Sustainable Singapore website • Utilisation of Reaching Everyone for Active Citizenry @ Home (REACH)

  4. “Making Singapore a liveable & lively city state,one that Singaporeans love and are proud to call home” Sustainable Singapore Blueprint

  5. Mitigating Climate Change Growing Population & Economy Resource Constraints Worldwide Challenges A Liveableand Livelycity state, one that Singaporeans love and are proud to call home Vision StrategicThrusts

  6. Energy Efficiency • Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme • Comparison of energy efficiency performance and lifecycle costs of different appliance models • More informed purchasing decisions • Minimum Performance Standards • Removes inefficient appliance models from market • Prohibits sale of appliance models that do not meet minimum specified efficiency level

  7. Conserving our Water Resources Mandatory Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (MWELS) Number of ticks signifies water efficiency of product More conscious purchasing decisions “One-tick” Water Efficiency Rating New developments and existing premises undergoing renovation New and existing domestic premises Minimum ‘One Tick’ for taps, flushes, urinals etc.

  8. “World's first ecological landfill island” Waste as Resource • Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) • Waste minimisation targeted upstream • Voluntary agreement with industry • Over 10,000 tonnes of packaging waste reduced, with savings of $22 million to 139 signatories • National Recycling Programme • For new contracts starting from 2011, each HDB apartment block will have onebin per block • All schools have recycling infrastructure Semakau Landfill 6.90 mil tonnes generated in 2011

  9. Clean Air • Industry Emissions • Planning heavy industries away from residential and commercial areas • Stringent pollution control regulations for industries • Euro V for New Diesel Vehicles • All new diesel vehicles to meet mandatory Euro V standards by 2014 • All new petrol vehicles to meet mandatory Euro IV standards by 2014 • Reduces PM2.5 levels and other pollutants (e.g. Nitrogen Dioxide and Ozone)

  10. Green Spaces • Skyrise Greenery • Integrating greenery into urbanscapes • Mitigates urban heat island effect • Skyrise Greenery Incentive Scheme for existing buildings • Green Spaces & Park Connectors • City in a Garden - green spaces for enjoyment • Park connectors bring island’s parks and green spaces to community

  11. Blue Spaces • Reservoirs & Waterways for Recreational Activities • Active, Beautiful, Clean (ABC) Waters Programme • Water bodies beyond their functional use • Vibrant, clean and aesthetically pleasing lifestyle attractions • Recreational and communal bonding activities • Promotes community ownership and stewardship

  12. Capability Building • Singapore as Knowledge Hub and Provider of SD Solutions • $680 million for R&D, testbedding and manpower development in Clean Energy and Water Technologies • International knowledge-sharing via events (e.g. Singapore International Water Week, World Cities Summit and CleanEnviro Summit) • Clean Technology & Sustainable Urban Solutions • 55ha CleanTech Park @JalanBahar • DHI-NTU Water and Environment Hub • Singapore Membrane Technology Centre • Singapore-Delft Water Alliance

  13. Fostering Community Action • Households • 10% Energy Challenge • 10-Litre Challenge • Local Communities • District Sustainability Plans by each of five Community Development Councils (CDCs) • Schools • Review and update curriculum of environment-related subjects • Outreach to schools through Ministry Of Education (MOE) (e.g. Niche environmental schools)

  14. Implementing the SSB • Holistic Oversight • Whole of government approach to manage trade-offs • Challenges of implementation at inter-agency platforms • Transparency • Releasing environmental indicators in the public domain (MEWR’s Key Environmental Statistics via website etc.) • Regular review of targets and initiatives

  15. Thank You

  16. SSB –Targets & Progress

  17. SSB –Targets and Progress

  18. Energy Efficiency - Buildings New Buildings Land sales requirements in key new development areas for Green Mark GoldPlus and Platinum ratings Green Mark Ground Floor Area (GFA) Incentive Scheme (New Buildings) Existing Buildings 80% of existing stock to achieve at least Green Mark Certified rating by 2030 Green Mark $100 million Incentive Scheme (Existing Buildings) Tighter energy performance standards in longer term

  19. Protecting Biodiversity • National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan • Conservation and rehabilitation programmes R&D, documentation of biodiversity, enhanced biodiversity impact assessment, public awareness • Singapore Index on Cities’ Biodiversity • Self assessment tool to measure progress in conservation efforts • Adopted by the UN and currently pilot-tested in 50 cities worldwide

  20. Connectivity and Planning • Connectivity • Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP): Public transport to account for 70% of peak journeys by 2020 • Double MRT network to 278km • Real-time, multi-modal public transport travel information • $43 million worth of cycling networks and parking facilities in 5 HDB towns over 5 years • Planning Eco-Friendly Districts • Punggol: “Green Living by the Waters” • Rooftop solar panels, façade greening, design features to allow maximum daylighting & cross-ventilation