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College Nuts & Bolts PowerPoint Presentation
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College Nuts & Bolts

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College Nuts & Bolts
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College Nuts & Bolts

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  1. College Nuts & Bolts Junior History Class Presentation March 5, 2014 

  2. Meet the College Office Staff • Senior COSA, Mr. Torres • Graduation Requirements • Naviance! • Considering all of the factors • Oversaturation- Yabba, Dabba Doo! • Project Your College Costs/Scholarships • Testing (SAT, ACT, Subject Tests) • Counselor Questionnaire & Teacher Rec. Letters • Upcoming College Office Events- BE THERE! AGENDA

  3. Ms. Balsamo, College Advisor • Ms. Iacono, College Advisor • Mr. Stevens, Financial Aid Advisor • Ms. Bove, Secretary College Office

  4. Mr. M. Torres, Senior Advisor Email: Office: 7C1 Tel: 718-804-6473 Meet Your SENIOR COSA

  5. Senior Year Expenses- The following breakdown is an ESTIMATE of senior expenses based off of the class of 2014. The pricing for the class of 2015 will likely be different. Senior Dues for Class of 2014 School Trips & Events Total Expenditure of Funds: $1,900±

  6. Other Senior Year Expenses: SENIOR YEAR IS AWESOME!

  7. Graduation Requirements:

  8. Currently NYSED and NYCDOE approved Career and Technical Education (CTE) Majors: - Aerospace • Architecture • Civil Engineering • Electrical Engineering • Mechanical Engineering • Media • Industrial Design • College Prep Requirements: Successful completion of all Major Classes (including DDP and DE) Passing grade obtained on five required Regents Exams Passing grade on CTE technical assessment Successful completion of online Career and Financial Management (CFM) courses Career & Technical Endorsement Diploma

  9. College Office Services Level 1: Processing Applications & Scholarships Level 2: Information Sharing Level 3: Advising- Building a Relationship! (With your College Advisor & Guidance Counselor) Own the Process!

  10. What is Naviance? • What role will Naviance play in my college process? • How do I get my username and password? • Create a professional email address DEDICATED to the college process. And register this email address to your Naviance account. Naviance!

  11. What is Oversaturation???

  12. What is Oversaturation?

  13. Columbia University

  14. SUNY New Paltz

  15. Lafayette College(POSSE School)

  16. Reach, Target & Likely: Each Applicant is UNIQUE!

  17. Things to consider…. Financial Aid Policy Merit Aid? Meet Full Demonstrated Need? Scholarships Study Abroad Programs Internships Opportunities Co-Op Program • LOCATION • MAJOR • Sororities & Fraternities • Sports Teams • Parental Input • First Generation going to college? Considering all of the factors….Think of your COLLEGE LIST as a RESEARCH PAPER Due in Mid November!

  18. Other Things to Consider… • Special Programs • HEOP/EOP/SEEK & College Discovery • Honors & Scholars Programs at the University • Institutional Scholarship Opportunities • Supplemental Applications • Priority Deadlines Example: SUNY Stony Brook, University of Buffalo, Hunter DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  19. Progress Over Time: • Transcript • Did you Challenge Yourself in HS?? • Extracurricular Activities Senior year Projects: • Personal Statement • Interviews • October SAT or ACT What are Colleges Looking For?

  20. SAT I ACT Content based examination. Essay is optional but DO IT!!!! Equally valued by colleges as SAT. Includes: Math, Science, Reading & Writing • Aptitude Test- “Supposedly” measures your capacity to learn. • Remains important to colleges as an objective predictor of college success. • Do not dismiss the Writing Section! • SAT Subject Test: -To be taken in June upon completion of corresponding AP course OR upon advice of your Subject Teacher! - Many colleges require at least 2 of these Subject Exams! Research!

  21. Class of 2015 College Process Intake Questionnaire: (Access through Naviance)- DUE MARCH 10th !!!!! Teacher Rec Letters: How many Teacher Recs do I need? Who should I ask? What should I provide my Teacher with to help them write the best possible letter about me!? How do these get sent to colleges? College Office/Counselor Questionnaire & Teacher Recommendation Letters

  22. Learn your “Expected Family Contribution” • Get your hands on your 2011 tax returns • Complete the “FAFSA 4caster” • Visit the financial aid website of your top choice colleges and complete the “net price calculator” or “cost of attendance” calculator to find out, roughly, what it will cost to attend that school. Project Your College Costs!

  23. Start with website under “College Office” link & “Scholarships/Financial Aid” (Click on link for Fall Term Scholarships) • Check your Naviance email monthly for updates from Mr. Stevens • Open your Naviance account, select “Scholarship Match” • Investigate scholarships with fall semester deadlines first • Set up an account at Scholarship Search:Now is the Time!

  24. Alternative Postsecondary OptionsIf you would like to discuss alternatives to college, please come and make an appointment with your College Advisor. We would be happy to help you!Room 7S5

  25. QUESTBRIDGE COLLEGE PREP SCHOLARSHIP/ NYC QUEST for EXCELLENCE Junior Meeting Room 4W6 at 3:20pm TODAY! PANEL PRESENTATIONS: Tuesday, March 11th: Colleges w/ Joint Programs Panel Tuesday, April 9th: Colleges w/ Architecture, Design & Media Tuesday, April 16th: Women’s Colleges Panel BTHS ANNUAL COLLEGE FAIR Join us in the Cafeteria for the BTHS Annual College Fair in April! Representatives from over 125 schools will be present to speak with students and parents about special programs and services at their school. All students are welcome to attend! Date: Thursday, April 3rd, Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm, Location: BTHS Cafeteria Upcoming College Office Events…continued