career management work life integration course overview and student feedback n.
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Career Management & Work-Life Integration Course Overview and Student Feedback PowerPoint Presentation
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Career Management & Work-Life Integration Course Overview and Student Feedback

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Career Management & Work-Life Integration Course Overview and Student Feedback - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Career Management & Work-Life Integration Course Overview and Student Feedback. Why this is important.

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why this is important
Why this is important

[It] can be just as, if not more devastating than the mid-life crisis. It may be the single most concentrated period during which individuals relentlessly question their future. It is what we call the quarterlife crisis… [it] occurs precisely because there is none of the predictable stability that once existed. After 20 years in a school setting, goals were clear and ways to achieve them mapped out distinctly. But after graduation, the pathways blur… what once was a solid line has now disintegrated into millions of different options.

Quarterlife Crisis: The Unique Challenge of Life in Your Twenties Robbins and Wilner

career management program
Career Management Program
  • Protean Career Concepts
  • Career best managed & success best assessed by individual
  • Sees career in work / life context
  • Requires commitment to rigorous self-assessment process
  • Two critical meta-competencies:
    • Identity: clear self-concept
    • Adaptability: Ability to adapt to changing professional and personal circumstances
identity who am i what am i good at
Identity: Who am I, what am I good at?
  • Autobiography (reviewing the past)
  • Peak Experiences (high points)
  • Identities Exercise (sub-identities)
  • Strong Interest Inventory (interests)
  • Career Values Card Sort (values)
  • Lifestyle Representation (lifestyle)
  • Interview with Others (skills)
  • 10 Years Out (personal vision)
  • Synthesize Self-Assessment
adaptability managing career over time
Adaptability: Managing career over time
  • Finding & pursuing the right opportunities
  • Making good career choices
  • Advancement vs. Alternative Career Paths
  • Organizational Career Development Systems
  • Couples & Family Issues
  • Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Careers over the Lifespan
  • Developing and implementing a career plan
student comments on course
Student comments on course
  • This course should be part of the MBA core-curriculum
  • Most useful & interesting course I’ve taken in this program
  • Amazing course which should be part of the management practices offering
  • Great class, probably one of the better electives offered
  • Honestly the only course I didn’t want to end – we could have used even longer to really develop this topic
  • I really loved this course and felt I got so much out of it
  • I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is considering marriage and children while pursuing a career
  • Very enjoyable, an excellent experience
student comments on professor 2008
Student comments on professor (2008)
  • Brad is a great speaker, he keeps the class engaged and he knows his subject very well.
  • Prof. Harrington is a great lecturer. He did a great job explaining the material and keeping the class engaged.
  • Excellent professor. Great industry experience and academic knowledge. Exceptionally good at engaging the class in discussion.
  • Great experiential teaching - great job of demonstrating how to apply theory. Made theories practical.
  • Prof. Harrington brings a blend of real world & academic experience that he intertwines into class. His personality and class structure make the time go by quickly
student comments on professor 20081
Student comments on professor (2008)
  • I was told I would be doing myself a disservice graduating from BC’s MBA program without taking Prof. Harrington - would love to take another course with him.
  • Professor Harrington was the best professor I have had at BC. I did not realize when I signed up for the class, but quickly realized that almost 90% of the students had signed up for the course because of the instructor.
  • Harrington was a referred professor and not at all disappointing. His enthusiasm for the subject while being in touch with reality of corporate life is a unique mix at Boston College. He is an asset to the Carroll School g Management and the MBA program
follow up study
Follow-up study

Two years after the initial course offering was completed a follow-up study was done to see what lasting impact, if any, the class had on the students who had taken it

comments from former students
Comments from former students
  • Wonderful to have experience apart from standard curriculum, focused on life, job, family
  • It’s a great way to look at all aspects of life and think about how a career fits in
  • We learned great tools – this course really helps you learn about yourself
  • Hope the class is continuing its success
  • One of the most rewarding courses in the program
  • This should be a required course