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Auto Mechanic Career pATHWAY

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Auto Mechanic Career pATHWAY. A PLAN FOR THE FUTURE. Automotive Technology. Table of Contents Welcome Introduction Career Awareness Career Exploration Career Preparation School Dress Code Student Expectations Student Responsibilities School Discipline Management Plan

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Auto Mechanic Career pATHWAY

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auto mechanic career pathway

Auto Mechanic Career pATHWAY


automotive technology
Automotive Technology
  • Table of Contents
  • Welcome
  • Introduction
  • Career Awareness
  • Career Exploration
  • Career Preparation
  • School Dress Code
  • Student Expectations
  • Student Responsibilities
  • School Discipline Management Plan
  • School Course Curriculum
  • School Automotive Technology Pathway


  • “Goals are set and met!”
  • We are pleased that you have chosen to be a part of the Sterling High School,
  • where teaching, Learning and Caring lead to student success. In support of the
  • effort we have enclosed a personal plan of action to assist you in meeting your
  • educational goals.
  • Administrators, counselors, and the registrar, librarians, coordinators, teacher’s
  • paraprofessionals, custodians and food service personnel are available to assist
  • you as you make significant advance towards to graduation.
  • Innovative methods including flexible scheduling, alternative learning environment
  • and on-live instruction are just a few interventions available to accelerate your
  • learning process.
  • With your continuity hard work, dedication and commitment; we will see you at
  • graduation!


training to become an automotive technician
training to become an automotive technician

With comprehensive instruction from knowledgeable certified instructors who have years of professional experience, students will get one-on-one, hands-on training.

Students will also have t he opportunity to learn techniques and use industry-standard tools that will guide their learning experiences that range from computer diagnostics to engine dynotesting.

career development continuum preparing all youth for success in college career and life
Career Development ContinuumPreparing all Youth for Success in College, Career, and Life
  • Classroom & School
  • • Web research
  • • Guest speakers
  • • Career interest assessment
  • • College and career fairs
  • • Career contextual instruction
  • • College awareness
  • Workplace
  • • Industry tours and field trips
  • • Career and job fairs
  • • Youth in the workplace
  • • Informational interviews
  • Families & Neighborhood
  • • Adult interaction
  • • Role model observation
  • Career Awareness
  • Learn about a wide variety of jobs and careers
career development continuum preparing all youth for success in college career and life1
Career Development ContinuumPreparing all Youth for Success in College, Career, and Life
  • Classroom & School
  • • Career pathways, courses, and clubs
  • • Integrated curriculum
  • • Classroom simulations
  • • Career plan development
  • • Career-focused projects and
  • assignments
  • • College exploration
  • Workplace
  • • Job shadowing
  • • Career mentoring
  • • Community projects
  • Families & Neighborhood
  • • Risk-taking
  • • Role-playing
  • Career Exploration
  • Explore, research, and plan for the future
career development continuum preparing all youth for success in college career and life2
Career Development ContinuumPreparing all Youth for Success in College, Career, and Life
  • Classroom & School
  • • Core academic preparation
  • • Career technical courses and programs
  • • Work skills classes
  • • Career-related project-based learning
  • • Work-ready certification
  • • Occupational certifications
  • • College preparation
  • Workplace
  • • Work experience
  • • Internships
  • • Apprenticeships
  • Families & Neighborhood
  • • Skill-building
  • • Progression of responsibility
  • Career Preparation
  • Gain education, training, and work experience
inappropriately dressed students cannot attend classes
Inappropriately dressed students cannot attend classes
  • Attention all Students
  • Below you will find the Dress code for Sterling high school and also for the Automotive
  • Technology program
  • Shirts
  • Colors: Navy, White (Solid color Polo style shirts or Oxford style shirts only)
  • Only Sterling’s logo is acceptable
  • No sleeveless tops
  • All shirts must be tucked in at all times (male and female)
  • Pants
  • Colors: Navy, Khaki; preferably Dickies/Dockers or similar style (solid colors only)
  • All pants must be appropriately sized and worn at the waist (no baggy or saggy pants).
  • Capris are permitted
  • No shorts
  • No skorts
  • No warm-ups
  • No Jeans of any color




  • No Skirts
  • Dresses
  • Dresses (Khaki color or navy blue)
  • Belts/Shoes
  • Belts must be worn and visible with pants at all times
  • Tennis shoes may be worn
  • All shoes must cover the entire feet
  • No bare backs, slides, mules, flip-flops, open toe shoes, house slippers, or sandals(safety)
  • No Head Covering of any kind
  • No hoods, du-rags, wraps, headscarves and absolutely no caps
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunglasses are not allowed (transition lenses are acceptable).
  • Piercing/Tattoos
  • No removable grills (gold/silver) in mouth(safety)
  • No facial piercing allowed (i.e. brow, nose, chin)
  • Backpacks
  • Permitted at the discretion of school administrator
  • Hair
  • Students with inappropriate hair coloring may be subject to disciplinary action.



Electronic Equipment

  • Electronic devices such as CD players, Walkman radios, DVD players, IPOD equipment, tape players and wireless headphones are not permitted on campus during instructional time from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. These items will be confiscated.
  • Cellular phones must be turned off during school hours.
  • Athletics
  • Male - On game days, male athletes may wear white or blue shirts and ties with their uniform pants.
  • Female – On game days, female athletes may wear white or blue blouses, neck scarves or ties with uniform pants. (Scarves do not include bandannas).
  • Clubs and Organizations
  • All clubs and organizations must follow Sterling’s dress code Monday through Friday. Organization shirts that do not conform to dress code may not be worn on Sterling’s campus.
  • Jackets, Sweaters, etc.
  • Students will be allowed to wear jackets during cold weather.  Blankets are not allowed.
  • Sterling high school Auto shop attire
  • Students will be required to furnish work style clothing, footwear, and safety glasses. There is an optional fee of approximately $250.00 for a starter tool set and an optional fee of approximately $33.00 for a uniform shirt.
  • No clothing may be shear or see through.
  • Any attire deemed distracting, lewd, offensive or inappropriate by school administrators will not be allowed. 

Student Expectations

student responsibilities
Student Responsibilities
  • The student’s responsibilities for achieving a positive learning environment at school and/or
  • school-relatedactivities include the following:
  • • Attending all classes each day and being on time in conformity with the compulsory
  • attendance laws of the State of Texas.
  • • Preparing for each class with appropriate materials and completed assignments.
  • • Dressing according to the dress code adopted by each individual school.
  • • Showing respect toward others.
  • • Conducting oneself in a responsible manner.
  • • Paying required fees and fines.
  • • Knowing and obeying all school rules in the Code of Student Conduct and the School-Based
  • DisciplineManagement System.
  • • Cooperating with staff members in the investigation of disciplinary matters.
  • • Seeking changes in school policies and regulations in an orderly and responsible manner,
  • throughappropriate channels.
  • • Reporting threats to the safety of students and staff members as well as misconduct on the
  • part of any other students or staff members to the building principal, a teacher, or another
  • adult.
  • • Using HISD technology systems for school business purposes only and using school
  • computersand related equipment appropriately.
  • • Abiding by the technology security procedures developed by HISD, such as never leaving a
  • terminalor workstation unattended or unsecured while logged on to a host computer or
  • network.
student responsibilities1
Student Responsibilities
  • • Reporting all observed or suspected technology security problems immediately to a teacher.
  • • Knowing that the use, possession, and/or sale of illegal or unauthorized drugs, alcohol, and
  • weaponsare unlawful and prohibited and that students may be subject to random searches
  • in accordance with Board Policy and state and federal law in order to assure a safe school
  • environment.
  • In general, all students are entitled to enjoy the basic rights of citizenship recognized and
  • protected by law for persons of their age and maturity.
  • The Houston Independent School District shall foster a climate of mutual respect for the
  • rights of others.
  • Each student is expected to respect the rights and privileges of other students,
  • teachers, district personnel, and parents while at school or while attending school activities.
  • Students shall exercise their rights and responsibilities in compliance with rules
  • established for the orderly conduct of the district’s educational mission.
  • The district’s rules of conduct and discipline and the School-
  • Based Discipline Management System are established to achieve and maintain order in
  • the school. Students who violate the rights of others or district or school rules shall be
  • subject to disciplinary action in accordance with established district policies and
  • procedures.
  • All students are expected to maintain the highest level of discipline and decorum at all
  • school functions.
  • Failure to comply with administrative directives promoting order and respect will result in
  • the student’s being removed from participation in school activities, including
  • commencement exercises.
discipline management plan
Discipline Management Plan
  • School Expectations
  • Every Student at Ross Shaw Sterling High School Is EXPECTED TO;
  • Attend All Classes on time
  • Attend EVERY class and maintain GOOD Behavior by following each teacher’s classroom
  • Expectations.
  • Follow ALL rules in the SCHOOL CODE OFCOUNDUCT
  • Respect ALL campus Personnel and other students
  • Comply with the school Dress code
  • Consequences for Breaking School Expectations
  • Teacher inform students of the tardy policy
  • Teacher call the Parent
  • Teacher refers student to appropriate Counselor
  • Teacher held Detention
  • Administrative Detention
  • Administrative Denton
  • Classroom Disturbance that warrant a discipline card.
  • Administrative Detention
  • Non Compliance with dress Code
  • Teacher held detention for minor Dress Code Violations ISS for the duration of the day
improving the course selection
Improving the Course Selection
  • Currently the only Automotive courses offered at Sterling are
  • Principles of Transportation, Distribution & Logistics; and
  • Automotive Technology.  The best way to complete the sequence
  • would be to have students take the following:
  • ·         Principles of Transportation (9th)
  • ·         Energy, Power & Transportation Systems (10th)
  • ·         Automotive Technology (11th)
  • ·         Advanced Automotive Technology (12th)
  • OR
  • ·         Principles of Transportation (9th)
  • ·         Automotive Technology (10th)
  • ·         Advanced Automotive Technology (11th)
  • ·         Practicum in TDL  (12th grade Internship)


career pathway

Career preparation activities engage students in in-depth discovery of particular careers, linking the skills utilized in the workplace with academic learning. Students engage in classroom learning and participate in work

experiences and internships that support the development of career- and occupation-specific skills.