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J o r i a n P a r k e r

J o r i a n P a r k e r

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J o r i a n P a r k e r

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  1. Jorian Parker Graphic Designer

  2. Skills Required As a graphic designer you need to have talent for one. You need to have good judgment when it comes to creating something new You also need to be familiar with basic technical skills such as using any photo editing software. You need people skills so that you can respond to what people like when it comes to whatever it is that you created; taking positive or negative advice from people.

  3. Required Education As a graphic designer you need a Bachelor’s Degree.

  4. What Is A Graphic Designer Graphic designers create images such as logos or advertisement whether by hand or by computer software for companies/businesses.

  5. How To Become A Graphic Designer The steps I need to take to head towards this career is first off take my ACTs so that I can be eligible to get into college. Once I’m in college I need to earn my Bachelor’s degree and make some kind of art portfolio to demonstrate my level of skill.

  6. Jobs Similar To Graphic Design Advertising, Promotions, & Marketing Managers Art Directors Craft & Fine Artists Desktop Publishers Drafters Industrial Designers Multimedia Artists &Animators

  7. Final Paragraph I was surprised by the earnings of this career; I didn’t think it would pay this much a year. One of the advantages of this career is that you can enjoy doing the work; no one forces you to draw and create designs. Creating designs is something that you like to do. One of the disadvantages is that sometimes you may not know how to design something and once you’re done with that specific piece of work you might not like the final results. There are actually a lot of jobs out there that are similar to graphic design so if I’m not able to do the said career, then I may aim for the similar jobs. I think Graphic Design would be good for me because I like to draw and try new things and I am very computer friendly; always willing to learn something new. One of the main goals I need to pursue in order to become a Graphic Designer is touch up on my drawing skills and create a well-organized portfolio of drawings to use as an example of my skill.