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National Youth Development Agency Presentation to the The Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth, Children and People with Disabilities Cape Town 21 April 2010. Vision.

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Presentation Transcript
National Youth Development AgencyPresentation to the The Portfolio Committee on Women, Youth, Children and People with DisabilitiesCape Town21 April 2010
  • Integrated and mainstreamed youth development in all organs of state, private sector and civil society for sustainable livelihoods
  • Purpose
  • To mainstream and integrate youth development for sustainable livelihoods
  • Nature of Business
  • To initiate, facilitate, implement, coordinate and monitor youth development interventions aimed at reducing youth unemployment and promoting social cohesion
2010 2011 strategy strategic focus 2010 2011
2010-2011 STRATEGYStrategic Focus 2010/2011
  • Establishment of NYDA Provincial Structures in line with NYDA mandate to facilitate the mainstreaming of Youth Development across all spheres of government
  • Establishment of 9 NYDA Provincial Advisory Boards (PAB’s) and Monitoring of NYDA Provincial Structures
  • Defining the implementation of the regulatory role of the NYDA with respect to Section 19 of the NYDA act no 54, 2008
  • Increase Direct service delivery of NYDA non transactional products and Services to the youth i.e. Career Guidance, Mentorship, Business Opportunities Support Services ( BOSS)
  • Finalisation of Integrated Youth Development Strategy ( IYDS) and implementation thereof
  • Project Implementation to focus on rural areas
  • Scoping and Fundraising for organisational key projects (see section 7)
  • Establishment of the Social Entrepreneurship Fund
  • Fly the flag campaign
key deliverables 2010 201
Key Deliverables 2010/201
  • This section presents deliverables the NYDA should be measured against during financial year 2010/2011. This section forms the basis for all NYDA reporting
budget background

NYDA 2010/11 MTEF submission =R930m including the baselines of the former entities amounting to R370m, the baseline of the Provincial Youth Commission amounting to R177m and additional funding amounting to R383m.

Amount Allocated R370m as according to the budget vote

Due diligence conducted by National Treasury on both UYF and NYC recommendation that for NYDA to operate optimally, it has to be capitalized by R600m on an annual basis.

Current allocation 39% less than recommendation of due diligence.



Overall the projected income for the next financial year amounts to R415m taking into account and the projects loan income of R45m.

This income will settle first the contractual commitments carried forward to 2010/11 financial year amounting to R402m.

NYDA remains with a surplus of R 13,775,310 available for delivery of product and services to young people (transactional nature e.g. SME and Micro Loans, Business Consultancy Support Voucher Programme, National Youth Service Programme etc which are considered as fast moving products and services of the Agency).

With the available resources these clearly cannot be implemented.