know how clothes reflect our personality n.
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Know: How Clothes Impact Our Personality PowerPoint Presentation
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Know: How Clothes Impact Our Personality

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Know: How Clothes Impact Our Personality - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Clothes and personality both are closely related to each other. Clothes resemble our personality very well. This PowerPoint Presentation how attires impact our personality.\n

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Clothes are powerful tools that reflect "Self Image" to our peers and strangers positively or negatively, in terms of mood, health, and overall confidence. Both have a close relationship with each other. Moreover, these tell to which profession you are concerned.

know how clothes reflect our personality 1
Know: How Clothes reflect Our Personality
  • Explanation of Behavior: Approximately, every school of psychological thought considers clothes as an important aspect. These clearly reflect who we are or who we want to be moreover, about our mood and emotions.
  • Shows Symbolic Meaning: Attires say a lot about our personality symbolically. For an instance, a person wearing a white coat in hospital apparently shows personal belongs to the profession of medical doctor. Same in the case of the painter, etc.
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  • Reflects Our Characteristic Related to: When someone put on a piece of cloth, then he or she adopts characteristics associated with it. Wearing casual clothes, a person feels relaxed on the other hand in formal dress he feels himself uncomfortable.
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  • Personal Wealth: Clothe is an important factor that puts a reflection of our wealth. During the times prosperity, women love to wear long dresses. In these times, the tendency of clothes selection changes in terms of colors, types, etc.
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