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Welcome to. Key Worker Training 2011. Southern MS Combined Federal Campaign. www.southernmsacfc.org. THANKS FOR BEING PART OF A GREAT TEAM. The individual who is prepared has the battle half fought!!. Adapted from: How Successful People Think by John Maxwell. Facts about your CFC….

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Welcome to

Key Worker



Southern MS Combined Federal Campaign


The individual who is prepared has the battle half fought


The individual who is prepared has the battle half fought!!

Adapted from:

How Successful People Thinkby John Maxwell

Facts about your cfc
Facts about your CFC…

  • CFC Established by Executive Order in 1961 by JFK

  • World’s largest workplace charity drive

  • Once per year “ask”

  • Campaign timeframe – September 1 – December 15

  • Donations go to agency (ies) you designate

  • Southern MS CFC

    • Merger in late 2010 of the six counties in the Lauderdale CFC with the Southern MS CFC

    • Southern MS CFC Counties (21) include: Covington, Forrest, George, Greene, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson Davis, Jones, Lamar, Marion, Pearl River, Perry, Stone, Wayne, Clarke, Lauderdale, Newton, Scott, Neshoba and Kemper

    • Approx 40 federal organizations and 17,000 employees


(Southern MS CFC in Blue)

Campaign leadership
Campaign Leadership

  • Campaign 2011 Chair:

    Andrew M. Mueller, Brigadier General , USAF

    Commander, 81st Training Wing

  • Theme:

“50 YEARS OF CARING…A Community of Stars Providing a Brighter Tomorrow"

Cfc support from
CFC Support from:

  • United Way of South MS – PCFO – Principal Combined Fund Organization

  • LFCC Members/Campaign Project Officers

  • Terry Olivier, Director, Southern MS CFC

    • 228-896-2213 x 22 (office); 504-460-9414 (cell)

    • tolivier@unitedwaysm.org

    • www.SouthernMScfc.org

  • Loaned Executives – 228-896-2213 x 24

    • Michele Rivera, mrivera@unitedwaysm.org

    • Kelly Gaddis, jgaddis@unitedwaysm.org

Campaign 2011 vital statistics
Campaign 2011 Vital Statistics

  • 2011 Southern MS CFC Goal: $730,000

    [2010 comparison: $720,355 pledged]

  • Campaign Kickoffs

    • Regional:Thursday, Sept. 1 @ 8:00 am, Keesler AFB, all PO’s, KW’s, Coordinators invited… Key Worker training.

    • Keesler:Thursday, Sept. 1 @ 3:30 pm

    • Stennis: September 14, 2011

    • VA: October 3, 2011

  • Overall Campaign Timeframe: Sept 1 – Dec 15.

Reasons for giving
Reasons for Giving…

  • CONVENIENCE! (i.e., payroll deduction, ePledging)

  • ACCOUNTABILITY - CFC belongs to Federal employees...Board of Directors is composed entirely of local Federal employees who oversee the campaign

  • EFFICIENCY – Southern MS CFC

    • 2010 - 14% overhead (this means 86 cents of every dollar goes directly to charities)

Why encourage payroll deduction giving
Why Encourage payroll deduction giving?

  • It’s EASY- Payroll deduction (PD) is the key to substantial giving

  • Spreads a contribution across the entire year

    • AveragePDgift last year:$268

    • AverageCash/Checkgift last year:$81

Lessons from cfc regulation 5 cfr part 950
Lessons from CFC Regulation (5 CFR Part 950)…


  • Requiring 100% participation

  • Supervisors soliciting their own subordinates

  • Pressuring to give a certain dollar amount

  • Developing a list of non-contributors

  • Coercing employees

Key workers that is your 1 priority
Key workers: that is Your #1 Priority



People give to people…asking DOES matter!

  • Avoid non-personal, indirect contact, such as:

  • Pledge form in or on:

    • Inboxes, Door Handles

    • Chairs, Desktop

Making the ask
Making The “Ask”…

Our CFC Volunteers Must Be Brave, Bold


What to do
What to do…

  • Know the facts about the campaign

  • Get the word out…Use all internal means available; Get senior leadership involved...Ask for time at a regular staff meeting, “All Hands” meeting, commander’s or director’s call, etc

  • Show the CFC video (not available yet!)

  • Set the example…be the first to make your gift

How to ask
How to ask

  • Small Group presentations are especially effective

    • Sets the tone for your campaign

    • Excellent way for senior leadership to provide visible support

    • Most efficient way to contact many individuals

    • Easy way to personally deliver Charity List & Pledge Form

How to ask continued
How to ask (continued)

  • Arrange for guest speaker from an agency

    • Adds personal example to presentation

    • Adds conviction and persuasion

    • Helps you with your “ask”

    • Speakers are speaking on behalf of all agencies…will not solicit; rather, they will use their own agency as an example of what can be accomplished through charitable contributions

  • Don’t overlook a co-worker testimonial…very effective and personal

How to ask continued1
How to ask (continued)

  • Close

    • Ask donors to complete their pledge forms…encourage payroll deduction giving

    • Ask donors to turn in their pledge forms now (or by a specific date or time; i.e., give them a task and time to complete it)…be sure donor keeps Copy 3 (Donor’s copy)

    • Be available to provide help with filling out the pledge form or ePledge

    • Thank everyone for attending

How to ask continued2
How to ask (continued)

  • Follow-Up

    • Have a plan to collect pledge forms

    • Try to schedule return within three days

    • Personally contact those who may not have attended a presentation

    • Ensure that a quality contact (one-on-one) occurs with 100% of your co-workers

  • Your solicitation is complete when employees give or indicate they are not interested in giving

  • If potential donor(s) says “no,” do not ask again. Do thank them for their consideration


Let s summarize
Let’s Summarize…

Step 1 - Know the facts about the CFC:Take good notes today, be familiar with the introductory pages of the Charity List; Visit www.SouthernMScfc.org

Step 2 - Make your own gift:Lead by example

Step 3 - Get the word out: Tell everyone about CFC

Step 4 - Make the Ask!Consider Small Group presentations; Emphasize the importance of payroll deduction; Clearly ask for the gift; Be silent after you ask…let the contributor decide

Step 5 - Be available:If needed, help donors fill out the pledge form;Give donorsCopy #3for their records/Say thank you!!

The pledge form
The Pledge Form

  • Serialized control number

  • Keep log of numbers issued to key workers

  • Try to get all forms returned, completed or blank

  • DO NOT require that employees sign blank forms

  • Emphasize that forms are not tracked to employees in any way

The pledge form1
The Pledge Form

  • Check and double check!

    • Make sure the pledge form is filled out completely

    • Double check the math

    • Ensure that information is legible on ALL copies

  • Do NOT open confidential gifts

Instructions for completing Pledge Form

Employee Name

Work Address

Civilian or Military

Federal Agency

Social Security Number OR EIN (some agencies use an EIN)

Work Phone – important in case of problems.

Payroll Deduction – Military/Civilian – two different pay intervals.Allotment Source: for Military, add Branch of Service.

“Amount” is per pay period.“Total Gift” is “amount” x 12 or 26. The total gift allocated among designated organization MUST equal total gift.

Check – Provide check number.


Information Release - Authorization to release name to designated charities. This section completed ONLY if employee wants acknowledgement of gift by charity and by campaign.

Employee signature – required ONLY for payroll deduction.

Don’t forget the thank-you gift!

Key worker report envelope
Key Worker Report Envelope

  • Fill out completely

  • Double check the math

  • Submit report weekly to Project Officer

  • Double checking now saves time later

Campaign plan
Campaign Plan

Do a Campaign Plan – get help from co-workers

Key Elements:

Know your assigned goal

Set a “stretch” goal:

“A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships were built for” – Grace Hopper

Focus on:

Increasing “participation rate” over last year (25%)

Increasing percent of payroll deduction contributors over last year

Campaign plan continued
Campaign Plan(continued)

Do something different, fun and outside the box…Do a“FUNdraiser”

Doesn’t replace campaign…augments it

You do not want folks giving at a FUNdraiser thinking they are doing their normal gift

Keep your boss in the loop!!Coordinate your plan with your organization’s head or representative…bosses are supportive but don’t like surprises!!

More on fundraisers
More on FUNdraisers

FUNdraisershelp generate additional contributions:

Be Creative!! Borrow from others!!

www.CFCTODAY.orghas great ideas…e.g., Bowl-a-thons, participation contests, paper airplane contests, jails, fun-runs, slam-dunk contests; Food…as a fundraising idea…it’s the easiest item to solicit and the quickest to sell (note: Must state that donations go to UNDESIGNATED FUND !!

Bake sales


Ice Cream Socials (charge per scoop)

Proceeds to CFC!!

You can do it we can help q a
You can do it…we can help!! Q & A

On behalf of all the people and worthy causes who will receive the help they need because of you...


Making a difference
Making a Difference receive the help they need because of you...

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

Winston Churchill

CFC Nexus Demonstration receive the help they need because of you...