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Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation, GMBA PowerPoint Presentation
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Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation, GMBA

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation, GMBA

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Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation, GMBA

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  1. Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation, GMBA Dolce BIO 甜甜的冰淇淋 Team CS: EmilMA1N0211AnjaMA1N0206LubicaMA1N0212 MichalMA1N0218

  2. Table of Concept

  3. 1. Executive summary • Dolce BIO is an organic ice cream which is going to fill the market gap by a flavor-rich ice cream. • It is not just an average ice cream such as may be found in grocery stores. It is an a traditional dessert with a “taste of Italy” that a customer enjoys in a likeable environment of a small, family-style patisserie.

  4. 2. Company Description • Company DolceBIO is going to start its business in Tainan, Taiwan • Location is planned to be in the area of university campuses (This ensures a high number of flows of people walking around every day.) • The company targets not only but mostly young consumers as these usually like sweets but are already educated enough to be aware of the importance of a right “BIO decision” when buying food

  5. 2. 1 Company History • Dolce BIO Ice Cream is a new venture • Does not have a real market experience in ice cream industry in Taiwan BUT: • Certainly does have a potential to expand because of it advantages in: • Detailed product and marketing strategy • Uniqueness in the market • Creative, young, highly educated managers’ team

  6. 2.2 Mission Statement • To always make customers smile By serving the finest they’ve ever tried Keeping customers happy and satisfied in environment organically designed 1% Dolce BIO 4 Trees

  7. 2.3 Products and services

  8. 2.3 Products and Services 1/2 • Dolce BIO Ice Cream will sell creamy, flavor – rich and all-natural ice cream to every kind of customer with special focus on young people • The ice cream will be sold through small-size attractively looking dessert restaurants • In the front side of the restaurant will be a couple of tables and chairs surrounded by the ‘green environment’ of the restaurants made by fruit trees and plants growing in big flowerpots

  9. 2.3 Products and Services 1/2 • The patisseries are also going to offer a drink menu created by a home made, fruity, all-natural drinks (lemonade, milkshakes, coconut milk, water from coconuts, mineral water) • The patisseries are going to be launched by part-time workers - students who are interested in environmentally friendly business and marketing

  10. 2.4 Current status • The company is currently in a status of obtaining financial sources for it’s beginning stage • The business plan is feasible: various business analysis were executed

  11. Industry Analysis Industry size: Large if we look at an ice cream as a sweet product or smaller if we look at it from perspective of an ice cream product. Growth rate of an industry is fast. There are enough customers to satisfy most firm’s production capacity. Industry is attractive as it is: • fragmented • growing • not crowded

  12. Porter’s Five Forces Model - Threat of Substitutes We could say that all sweet end products can be a substitute for an ice cream if o person is thinking to purchase an ice cream to satisfy his/her desire for sweet product. If we think of an ice cream as a product desired as cold refreshment in a hot weather, substitutes could be other shops selling ice cream, popsicle, shaved ice, cold drink or tea. (Cold Stone, Ciao Bella Gelato, HaagenDazs, 7 Eleven, Preso Tea, Coca Cola…)

  13. Porter’s Five Forces Model - Threat of Substitutes However, the venture will be producing premium quality ice cream product. There are currently few competitors. • In general, threat of substitutes is high, but can be less depending on a point of view.

  14. Porter’s Five Forces Model - Threat of new entrants • Barriers to entry are low. New competitors can easily enter the industry to copy what the industry incumbents are doing. There are low capital requirements; there are not substantial economies of scale, there are no government and legal barriers. Knowhow and recipe for preparing an ice cream is not a large barrier due to information technology. • Threat of new entrants is high.

  15. Porter’s Five Forces Model - Rivalry among existing firms • There is a moderate rivalry in the industry. Differentiation of a product: Ice cream from 7 eleven is cheap and easy to prepare but has lower quality and only one taste. On other hand, our product will be more expensive, focusing on quality ingredients and therefore top quality product with many flavours, but also more time consuming to prepare. • Rivalry among existing firms is moderate.

  16. Porter’s Five Forces Model - Bargaining Power of Suppliers • The venture will need suppliers from various local and organically grown sources. (fruit, milk) bargaining power of supplier is moderate. There are enough suppliers to provide a critical product to the venture as well as to a large number of other buyers. • The profitability of the venture will therefore not be suppressed by bargaining power of suppliers.

  17. Porter’s Five Forces Model - Bargaining Power of Buyers • Bargaining Power of Buyers is low from a perspective of a venture as a buyer as well as venture’s customers as buyers. In addition, there are only few locations in the city where a customer can purchase premium quality handmade ice cream.

  18. Key Success Factors • Location • Competitive price • Freshness • Organic ingredients • Advertisement • Promotions

  19. Industry trends Currently there is a trend in establishing ventures selling sweet food products in Tainan, especially ice-cream shops. Our proposed products will be made entirely using organic ingredients as a part of our competitive advantage. There is a growing trend adopted from western countries to produce and consume food product made of organic, non-chemical ingredients (no pesticides, no GMO production, no additives o colorants and no preservatives). Ingredients sourced from local production, produced from sustainable resources by a labour that is treated fairly. In addition the product will be low in fat and sugar.

  20. Market Analysis Buyer behaviour analysis: There are customers willing to purchase premium products like sweet products, need refreshment in hot days, like products with taste of Europe, like foreign management and service

  21. Competitor analysis • Our research revealed there are several ice cream shops in Tainan city. Our main competitors regarding to quality of ice cream would include only 4 shops. Here we do not include ice cream from machine and shaved ice as the quality is lower.

  22. Competitor analysis Direct Competition: There is already few handmade ice cream shops created in the city. Because they have shops only in few locations in Tainan city, there is plenty of place and customers for the proposed venture. In addition there was large growth of machine made ice creams available from convenient stores however; our venture is focusing on high quality, organic handmade ice cream therefore machine made and shaved ice is comparatively lower grade ice product. There is not a clear market leader. Competitors in an industry are about the same size.

  23. Market segmentation and target market selection • Geography location: First shop will be located in Tainan city as this is the area that a venture team knows very well. Location will be carefully chosen in an area of high number of potential customers. Preferably located close to large school or other location with a lot of pedestrians and location that is easily accessible. • Demographics: Our target market include: both genders, all age categories (preferably 8-40), people with average income. Our target market are customers willing to pay a premium for an organic handmade ice cream.

  24. 5. Marketing plan

  25. 5. Marketing plan - 4P, Target Market Target customers are students and people who live around the universities (children and scholars who will stimulate their parents to taste our product)

  26. 5. Marketing plan Acquire New Visitors (Cheap & Easy) • Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) • Collect Email Addresses to introduce offer • Membership cards with loyalty program and special offer for members • Flyers • Launch a Blog (eventually)

  27. 5. Marketing plan Overall marketing strategy • Dolce BIO Ice Cream tends to create positive boom in the market with it’s presence • Appearance of the shop would be different then our competitor's to attract the costumers and to make them to recognize our brand as different and unique • Each Sweet shop will have big colorful advertisement with the same colors as the menu, staff shirts and the ice-creams, in front of the stores will be big plastic ice-cream to attract customers to take a picture with it • Each Sweet shop will contain sofas and comfortable big colorful pillow seats and a small ‘living room style’ table. All interior parts will be made from organic materials to contribute to the ‘green’ and natural atmosphere of the DolceBIO.

  28. 6. Management Team and Company Structure

  29. Management Team and Company Structure

  30. Management Team and Company Structure

  31. Management Team and Company Structure

  32. Management Team and Company Structure

  33. Management Team and Company Structure

  34. Management Team and Company Structure Advisers: • Owners of similar sweet shops in Croatia and Slovakia: • Have more then 2 decades of experience in the business • Run their business over generations with the family • Secret recipes and knowledge • Responsible for staff training and education • Advising the company with the selection of machines • Owners of Taiwanese sweet shops or ice-cream shops • More then 10 years in the business • Advise how to adopt the product itself • Advise which flavor we have to offer • Advise where and when to buy the ingredients

  35. Operations Plan General operations plan • 1’st phase: LOCATION • find acceptable location near the campus or the university • it has to be area very many students are passing, eating or just spending their day • we believe that summer vacation would be the best time to findlocation, when students are going home and some businesses are closing as well • Facility has to have 50-70 m2 with the backroom of 30-40m2 for the production of the ice-cream and juices • Preferably it has to have outdoor space for terrace and parking space for the scooters and bicycles

  36. Operations Plan General operations plan • 2’st phase: SELECTION AND PURCHASE OF A MACHINERY • According to recopies of Italy sweet shop owners from Europe and advises for flavor variation of Taiwanese owner we have to define flavors of the products in order the set the menu • Our advisors form Europe will advise us which type of machines, fridges and other equipment we have to buy and how to use them properly and efficient • We would try to compare it with Taiwanese choice and selection of a machinery and try to notice and understand the differences

  37. Operations Plan General operations plan • 3’st phase: STAFF RECRUITING, EDUCATION AND TRAINING • As we would intensively search for the location, we would also search for the young, cool workers willing to learn and to earn an extra money • They have be students • Able to speak English • Have to be different then the others • Have some prior experience by working in tea shop or restaurant • They will be motivated by higher salaries and benefits of the work • During their vacations they will be educated and trained how to make and produce fine rich flavor and bio ingredient ice-cream • Process is easy, the key are ingredients and recipe • Each member of management will be guided through training as well

  38. Operations Plan

  39. Product Design and Development Plan

  40. Product Design and Development Plan

  41. Product Design and Development Plan

  42. Financial Projections Sources of Capital • To finance the initial investment to support the business each member of management team will invest equal sum of money

  43. Financial Projections

  44. Financial Projections

  45. Financial Projections

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