changing the writing trajectory for all students n.
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Changing the Writing Trajectory for all Students PowerPoint Presentation
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Changing the Writing Trajectory for all Students

Changing the Writing Trajectory for all Students

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Changing the Writing Trajectory for all Students

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  1. How North Clackamas Has Implemented RTI • September 30, 2010 at the Eugene Hilton • Vivian Garrison, Director of Special Education  Matt McDermott, TOSA • Kelly Laugle, School Psychologist  Kelli Puchel, TOSA Changing the Writing Trajectory for all Students

  2. NCSD: Who We Are 17,508 Students 6th largest district in Oregon Elementary Schools 21 Middle Schools 4 High Schools 4 Tech Center 1 Free and Reduced Lunch* 37.6% (*Ranging from 16% - 82%) Title IElementary Schools: 11 Non-Title IElementary Schools: 10

  3. Our Target for Today • Share how we use an RTI service delivery model in North Clackamas School District to improve writing instruction and writing outcomes • Three main themes • Sustaining the foundation for literacy • Building an infrastructure for writing • Innovation and collaboration throughout the entire district

  4. Principals as Instructional Leaders Started with literacy and moved to writing • A Core program implemented with fidelity • 90 minute reading block • Writing labsites • Literacy coaches • A radical change for NCSD

  5. Working with the Sacred Cows of Traditional Education • The Master Schedule • Recess/electives/down time/ schedule time • Focusing on the professional development of teachers and administrators • How we have always done it vs. Thinking outside the box

  6. Sustaining a Service Delivery Model for all Students • Inservice • Working with School Teams • RTI Leadership Team • Professional Learning Communities • Strategic Support

  7. Supporting Leaders:Meeting Principals with Resources Instructional coaching Data (DIBELS, SWIS) Research RTI TOSA Training Principals’ meetings A guiding document

  8. NCSD - All State - All State - SPED NCSD - SPED

  9. NCSD All State All NCSD SPED State SPED

  10. NCSD - All State - All NCSD - SPED State - SPED

  11. Why Writing as a Focus • Great concern across district about writing scores and college readiness • Writing is a threshold skill for college and employment

  12. Operating with a Tight Budget

  13. Writing strategies Summarization Collaborative writing Specific writing goals Word processing Sentence combining Prewriting Inquiry activities Writing workshop/process Study of models/mentor text Writing for content learning Writing Next

  14. ARRA Grant Writing Project Essential Question: Can we increase the rate of success at passing college entrance exams for 78 students with disabilities at MHS by providing focused writing instruction? 09-10 Writing Focus K-12 RTI Leadership Team Essential Question: What will be effective and efficient universal screening, progress monitoring, decision rules, and interventions for K-6 writers? • Improving NCSD’s • Writing Scores • 4th, 7th, 10th grade state • writing assessment • Writing component of college • entrance exam Elementary ELL Specialists PLC Essential Question: What does proficiency look like at each grade level for English Language Learners? Elementary Learning Specialist PLC Essential Question: Can we affect 4th grade writing scores for students with disabilities by targeting writing instruction and assessment at Grades 1-4? Writing assessment Pilot Essential Question: Can NCSD develop an K-6 assessment that is qualitative, quantitative and has a strong correlation with the state writing test? Instructional Coaches Essential Question: Can the Teachers’ College model of lab sites increase and improve the use of Calkins K-6? Elementary Writing Committee Essential Questions: How do we make Calkins more accessible to all teachers and align Calkins to state standards? Will developing writing focal points help align instruction across K-6 in writing? ‘Writing throughout the Content’ in MS & HS Essential Question: Will common writing expectations throughout a school increase a student’s quality of writing?

  15. Innovation and Highlights The writing project Research Differentiated training Middle schools Labsites

  16. Elementary Writing PLC • Lucy Calkins- Summer Writing Institute • Post-High Readiness

  17. Fall 15% Not able to finish in three hours 35% Adult Basic Ed 15% WR 80 23% WR 90 4% WR 95 8% WR 121 Spring 100% finished >90 minutes 12% Adult Basic Ed 4% WR 80 19% WR 90 19% WR 95 46% WR 121 What’s Possible

  18. 4th Grade Writing 06-10 NCSD- All State - All State - SPED NCSD - SPED

  19. 7th Grade Writing 06-10 NCSD- All State - All State - SPED NCSD - SPED

  20. 10th Grade Writing 2006-10

  21. Growing Our Practice • Promising Assessments • Step-Up to Writing 3-12 • Writers Workshop Model • Continue Focused FTE on Writing Instruction

  22. Mapping the terrainCoordination across all levels K-12 Writing PLCs Team leaders Clackamas ESD Step-Up to Writing Marzano & Erkins North Clackamas RTI Website: (Google search “ncsd rti”)

  23. Contact Vivian Garrison, Director of Special Education Matt McDermott, TOSA, RTI Facilitator Kelli Puchel, TOSA, EBISS Facilitator Kelly Laugle, School Psychologist Gail Meyer, Secretary for RTI North Clackamas’ RTI Website: (Google search “ncsd rti”)