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ACS 560 Final Project Presentation

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ACS 560 Final Project Presentation. CS-CLOSAR Company Name Presenter Names. Introduce team members and their primary roles . Robin. Project Vision. Problem Addressed

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acs 560 final project presentation

ACS 560 Final Project Presentation


Company Name

Presenter Names

Introduce team members and theirprimary roles. Robin

project vision
Project Vision

Problem Addressed

  • The problem of: A disorganized and time-consuming course evaluation procedure which has a high chance of excluding participants and is not readily adapted to determining historical trends.
  • Affects: The IPFW Computer Science Department, specifically, the Chair, Associate Chair, Instructors, Administrative Assistant, and Students.
  • The impact of which is: Faculty and staff are distracted from other important duties. The lack of historical trend data hinders analysis and consistent improvement of courses. Students are deprived of instructional time.
  • A successful solution would be: An automated system which will reduce the time required for tallying, be capable of generating historical trend data, include a higher percentage of students in each survey, and standardize the administration of course evaluations resulting in increased overall organization.
project vision1
Project Vision

Solution proposed

  • CS-CLOSAR will utilize a web-based interface to collect, manage, and report student survey data regarding students’ experiences in each of their CS courses. Significant improvements in speed and accuracy are expected to accompany migration to an electronic system. Using CS-CLOSAR, data will be stored and analyzed to present immediate feedback to instructors and the department, displaying the current report either singly or in the context of other evaluations and historical trends.
primary features functionality
Primary Features/Functionality

Security Subsystem Features

  • Users shall be able to login and logout
  • The system shall determine the user’s role
  • The system shall restrict access to features and data based upon the user’s role
primary features functionality1
Primary Features/Functionality

Course Subsystem Features

  • The system shall display courses to the user based upon their role
  • The system shall track students to determine whether surveys have been completed for their courses
primary features functionality2
Primary Features/Functionality

Survey Subsystem Features

  • Directors shall schedule reports to be released individually by sections or as a group
  • The system shall deliver requested surveys
  • Students shall complete and submit surveys for each of their courses online
  • The system shall automatically close the survey submission process at the end of the semester
primary features functionality3
Primary Features/Functionality

Report Subsystem Features

  • The system shall automatically generate printable reports from completed surveys
  • Instructors shall add comments to their reports online
  • Instructors shall finalize their reports
  • The system shall make individual course reports available online
  • Instructors and directors shall have access (where appropriate) to view course reports from previous years
primary features functionality4
Primary Features/Functionality

History Subsystem Features

  • The system shall make course history available to directors
primary features functionality5
Primary Features/Functionality

User-requested System Features

  • The system shall be available over the internet
  • The system shall handle all undergraduate ABET-accredited CS courses
  • The system shall allow access to history and reports for at least 7 years
  • The system shall maintain confidential data in accordance with FERPA
project schedule robin
Project Schedule Robin
  • Discuss lifecycle model adopted (RUP) and selection of iterations/phases (Note: You may expand table to include slightly more detail if helpful)
  • Describe current status
  • Explain any differences between est and actualhrs, referring to project risks that may have occurred.
project deliverables robin
Project Deliverables Robin
  • List all RUP documents delivered as well as files associated with the actual deployed software (source files, db, scripts, etc.)
deployment diagram robin
Deployment Diagram Robin
  • UML diagram
  • Also discuss server- and client-side technologies used
system architecture robin
System Architecture Robin
  • UML diagram showing major components and their interfaces
system demonstration jon
System Demonstration Jon
  • Authentication
  • Survey release
  • Survey submission
  • Course semester report viewing
  • Course history report viewing
  • Optional functionality
    • Import of legacy data
    • Reminder emails
    • Etc.
lessons learned all
Lessons Learned All
  • Discuss what you learned about the software engineering process as a result of participating in this project
    • What went well and why
    • What didn’t go so well and why
    • What would you do differently
    • What knowledge/skills have you obtained that would serve you well on the next project