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Film Tension Tester PowerPoint Presentation
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Film Tension Tester

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Film Tension Tester - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Film Tension Tester. John Ford, Peter Hauser, John Highberger, Nebiyou Getinet. Concept Generation. Final Design. Overview. Design Overview. Background Information. Design Process.

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Presentation Transcript

Film Tension Tester

John Ford, Peter Hauser, John Highberger, NebiyouGetinet

Concept Generation

Final Design


Design Overview

Background Information

Design Process

Siemens has been receiving complaints having to do with film path within the Dimension Instrument Series. Siemens links this to a variation in tension of the film.

The Product

The film is used to create cuvettes used for medical analysis. This film is packaged in a canister (right) assembly that is held in place with a brake spring, and pulled out by a motor at the end of the cuvette path way.

Design Overview

Film Travels:

Out of canister

Over load cells

Through motor driven rollers

Film is Expelled from system

Final prototype

Close up of data display

Testing Plan

Project Scope

  • The additional testing Siemens desires include:
  • A series of control tests,
  • Accelerated wear test,
  • Variable brake spring test,
  • Surface finish test
  • This is to help determine causes of the errors in the dimension machine.
  • Testing for metrics include:
  • Time to perform test
  • Weighing and measuring size
  • Safety
  • Film Tested
  • Test meets our standard deviation requirements.

Develop a better testing system that identifies the issues associated with the Dimension Instruments in order to reduce customer complaints and improve the quality control of the film canisters.

Design for Film Path


Final Prototype


  • Following these test plans, most of the metrics initially set in place were met:
  • The time to operate is around 15 minutes
  • Film tested is around 750 feet
  • The size and weight is the same
  • The results from additional testing show that the tension increases as the diameter of the roll decreases.
  • The increased force from the stronger brake spring increases tension significantly.

Path Forward

The tester will be returned to Siemens for further analysis. After Siemens performs their series of test, the belt will be passed off to Nypro. The tester will be configured with a belt for accelerated wear. Nypro will perform quality control tests on the manufactured canister. This will help avoid canisters that don’t remain within the desired limits of 180 to 700 gram-force.

Isometric SolidWorks Model

Side View SolidWorks Model


*Additional steps may be required based on test.

We would like to thank our sponsor, Jim Kegelmen, and our advisor Nate Cloud, and the rest of the Senior Design Staff.