tension n.
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  1. Tension Discovering Opposites

  2. Definition • 3. literature sense of different elements conflicting: the way that opposing elements or characters clash or interact interestingly with each other in a literary work(

  3. How do you know that this object is a circle? Things in Opposition

  4. Opposition If we know that the object on the left is a rectangle, we can say that the object on the right is not a rectangle.

  5. Biological Opposition Male Body Parts Female Body Parts This is a male person. This is not a male person. Opposition We can extend our idea of tension, or things in opposition, to concepts or ideas.

  6. Masculinity Femininity F F M F M M F M F M M M F F Opposition Opposition can be represented as opposite poles of the same family of concepts or ideas. This opposition might not agree with biological opposition. Self-derived gender descriptiveness is possible because we already understand the tension between two sets of polar opposites: biological and behavioral.

  7. How do we know that this decision is good? Decision Decisional Tension

  8. Decision Good Decision Decisional Tension We can identify an other than good decision from a good decision, because we know what a good is.

  9. Good Decision Bad Decision Decisional Tension We can measure decisional tension by identifying the polar opposition between good and bad decisions.

  10. Positive Effect Negative Effect D D Good Decision Bad Decision D D D D D D D D D Decisional Tension The assignment of good or bad is based on the tension between effects.

  11. Novel Situation Choice Paradigms 1. Analysis 2. Association 3. Codified Rules Plowing New Ground *refer to article by Mauro, Barshi, Pederson, and Bruininks

  12. A Not A Analysis (tension-building) G J Situation X A H F C K B E L D I X might be controlled by tensions in A-L

  13. Good Good Good Good Bad Bad Bad Bad Situation ABC Option Match Option Option Association (tension adapting) A B C D ABC is best handled by the tension of B

  14. A B C Situation XYZ J D E F G H I F J K L M N O Rules (borrowed tension) XYZ always equals J + F