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Elementary G/T Programs PowerPoint Presentation
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Elementary G/T Programs

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Elementary G/T Programs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elementary G/T Programs. Let’s get it going!. Enhance understanding and commitment to implementing HISD and Texas G/T Standards Increase participation of underrepresented populations

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Elementary G/T Programs

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elementary g t programs

Elementary G/T Programs

Let’s get it going!

elementary g t programs1

Enhance understanding and commitment to implementing HISD and Texas G/T Standards

  • Increase participation of underrepresented populations
  • Build capacity of teachers and school leaders to incorporate research skills that lead to advanced level products
Elementary G/T Programs
water bottle foundation project grade 4
Water Bottle Foundation Project Grade 4

What makes an advanced level product?

If your district asked you to send in examples of advanced products, what would you send?

g t state goal

Students who participate in services designed for gifted/talented students will demonstrate skills in self-directed learning, thinking, research, and communication as evidenced by the development of innovative products and performances that reflect individuality and creativity and are advanced in relation to students of similar age, experience, or environment.

  • What connections do you make between student products and the State Goal?
  • Why would the state describe the goal with emphasis on the creation of a product?
G/T State Goal


Turn to your shoulder partner and discuss.

step 1 g t identification

The G/T identification of a student can be initiated in 4 ways:

1) parent

2) teacher

3) student

4) district-generated rosters based on the universal testing done at Kindergarten and 5th grade

Step 1: G/T Identification
step 1 g t identification1


What are the barriers to the identification of those in our underrepresented groups?

How do we overcome the barriers?

Step 1: G/T Identification

Review the data sheet.

Create a T-chart listing barriers and solutions.


step 2 class assignments

Instructional Delivery Models

VanguardStandard 5

Research indicates that gifted and talented students’ academic and social emotional needs are best met in classrooms with other students with similar abilities and with fluid, flexible groupings that change as needed based upon students’ interest and abilities.

G/T instruction shall be delivered in one of the following instructional delivery models:

  • G/T homogeneous classrooms
  • G/T clusters in the general classroom
  • Combination of G/T homogeneous and G/T cluster models
Step 2: Class Assignments
step 2 class assignments1
Step 2: Class Assignments


Look at the handout. What do you notice?

step 3 support for g t classrooms

So…we have G/T identified students…

  • And…they are assigned to classes with G/T trained teachers
  • But…there are still so many questions…

How do we teach research skills to young children?

Where do we go for support? Ideas?

How do we know what advanced level products are?

How do we guide students to create them?

Step 3: Support for G/T Classrooms
step 3 support for g t classrooms1

Human capital:

      • Self-contained teacher using differentiation effectively
      • Enrichment teacher as co-teacher
      • Enrichment teachers as mentors
  • Materials/resources:
    • Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP)
    • Renzulli
    • Independent Investigation Method (IIM)
      • What else is working on your campus?
Step 3: Support for G/T Classrooms


tpsp grade level tasks

Phase I: Learning Experiences

Whole class activities

  • Phase II: Independent Research

Individual or small group studies

The Big Question: How do I teach my students HOW to conduct research?



TPSPGrade Level Tasks
follow these footsteps to success in a research project
Follow These Footsteps to Successin a Research Project



Goal Setting



Goal Evaluation